Donald Trump is president
He’ll make America great again
He promised, he threatened to build a great wall
Don’t worry, don’t fret cause

Mexico will pay for it all
Mass deportations must take place
Replacing each brown with a white face

Make America white again!

No longer must we be P.C.
Our speech is now unchained and free
Rape culture and race jokes are so very cool
It’s time for straight white men

To remember they’re the ones who rule
Rude and crude is what we are
We celebrate it near and far
Victory in the culture war

Make America cruel again!

All hail strongman Donald Trump
As cozy as a cancer lump
All data of Muslims, he’ll keep on a list
He’ll know where to find them

And if they fled from civil wars
To them he will shut our doors
Return them to the blood and gore

Make America white again!

Now that Trump is president
We wonder where our troubles went
Climate change is a hoax from China he thinks
Those scientists are dummies

He bellows with a stinky wink
And Sarah Palin’s the energy wonk
Don’t count on her to drain the swamp
Drill Baby Drill’s her only song

Make the Earth unlivable!

As a Real He-Man, Donald Trump
Gets to grab just what he wants
If women don’t like it
They’d better shut up

They’re here for his pleasure
Not to lift their own lives up
No more abortion right to choose
Who cares if men, their wives abuse
Get ready, all your rights to lose

We want total patriarchy again!

But if to you the good old days
Feel more like a foul disgrace
Raise your voice in protest
And do not wait

If all join together
We won’t have to accept this fate
We must let the whole world know
That Donald Trump will have to go
Put an end to his hate crime show

Make America great…..for……..all!!!

An unelected manager
In Flint, Michigan
Switched its source of water to
The filthy River Flint
Drinking water full of lead
And Legionnaire’s disease
Saved the town a bit of dough
The governor was pleased
Most residents of Flint are black
So they don’t really count
Their city’s debts must be repaid
Their rights, the state could flout
The governor apologized
To Flint and all the land
Lead poisoning and early death
Were not what he had planned
Or so he claimed, but history
Tells a different tale
The manager and governor’s staff
Revealed it in emails
The people wrote and called and went
To meetings by the score
Toting jugs of water foul
But they were black and poor
These people now have dire needs
To meet them it will cost
Lead poisoning won’t go away
There’s so much they have lost
They need special ed services,
And ongoing healthcare
Flint’s debts are now more than repaid
The state must pick up its share.

People are Homeless

tune: People are Strange

by Nora Freeman, NYC-metro gaggle 8/19/15

People are homeless
Cause they can’t pay the
Rents that their greedy
Landlords demand

Or they were burnt out
Of an apartment
That was a death trap:
The landlord’s plan

Got no home
Cops think that you are a crime
On the street
And you should be doing time
Because you’ve, got no home
Got no ho-ome

Homeless and hungry
Freeze in the winter
Roast in the summer
It’s all stress and strife

Let’s build some new housing
For impov'rished people
Fix some old buildings
Now, that is pro-life

Song for ATLAH

tune: Puff the Magic Dragon

by Nora Freeman

NYC-metro gaggle



We’re demonic homos

We’re out to sodomize

Your dear sweet lovely little ones

And tell them dirty lies


They’ll learn the gay agenda

And not the ABCs

We’ll turn them into terrorists

The Koran they will read


Disciples of Obama

That’s what they will be

They’ll blow up churches everywhere

And then get gay-married


But maybe there’s a problem

With our satanic scheme

Gays and fundies of all kinds

Are on opposing teams


Hate to bust your bubble

But delusional you are

Your fanatic ravings

Have gone way too far


Tell puppetmaster Dobson

That the jig is up

Time to stop dividing us

And practice Christian love

Homeless Puff

Tune: Puff the Magic Dragon

By Nora Freeman, NYC-metro gaggle, 8/18/15

Puff the Magic Dragon
No longer has a home
Through the streets of Honali
He must sadly roam

He tried the shelter system
And fled all full of fright
This fire-breather felt safer
In the streets at night

Puff is but a fantasy
But not so human beings
They’re made of blood and bones and other
Messy fragile things

In city streets and shelters
They just can’t meet their needs
For protection from the elements,
Safety and privacy

Families with children
Childless adults too
All need homes to live in
Just like me and you

No more gentrification
We need a people’s housing plan
A clean safe home for everyone
On this we take our stand

You’ve been serving time in prison

For lo, these many long years

Too bad you didn’t snort powdered coke

Like the Wall Street billionaires


You’re not jailed for rape or murder

Or other atrocities

You didn’t do the widespread fraud

That crashed our economy


You’re black and you smoked crack

Now you’re never coming back

You’re far away from home

We got tough on crime

You’re doing lots of time

Many miles from home


The prison-industrial complex

Keeps the upstate economy going

It gets its raw materials

From inner-city neighborhoods


This, is, the war on drugs

It’s eating young people of color alive

Bust those laws wide ohhh-pen

This has got to stop

Their hands are up

Do not shoot them

They can still breathe

Do not chokehold them

And on your beat whatever you do

Realize they’re as human as you



Jaywalking and selling loose ciggies

Are not capital crimes

Is murder okay cause they’re just black folks

Better change your minds


This belief

You must suspend

The nightmare of p’lice

Brutality must end

Accountability there must be

In the so-called land of the free

I am just a detainee at Guantanamo

I have been here such a long time

That time itself no longer mea-eans anything

My life is done!

Though my heart continues beating I long for death to come



Kidnapped by some warlord’s thugs and sold for a bounty

Of five thousand dirty dollars

To Americans who cared not for my innocence

No trial, no end

To torture n deprivation of family and friends



(this verse corresponds to the last one of the original, starting with “In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade”)

I’m fully cleared to be released

from this hell on earth

And yet I still remain here

Imprisoned by America,

the beacon of democracy

Now it’s time, heed the call

De-efend habeas corpus, to protect the rights of all


lie la lie, etc.

In the West Bank

And in Gaza


Reigns supreme


Daily lives there

Can only be described as grim


An apartheid wall

Through the West Bank

Takes away most

Of the land

That could ever be

A Palestinian state

It creates facts on the ground


There’s a blockade

On the Gaza Strip

It’s been going

On for years

The population’s

On a “diet”

That would keep most of us in tears


Human rights have

No exceptions

They’re for each and

Every one

Don’t repress them

Let’s protect them

In every place under the sun

Jamie Dimon, how ya doin

Here’s some news from those you’re screwin

20 million bucks a year

Your salary just isn’t groovy

ba da da da da da da, isn’t groovy


Chase Bank, a house of fraud

Violating lots of law-aws

Taking homes from families

Jamie Dimon, that aint groovy

ba da da da da da da, that ain’t groovy


Your derivatives

Crashed our economy

We’re angry and pissed off and oh so ready

To see you in prison for all your misdeeds

Jamie Dimon

You’re not groovy.

ba da da da da da da, you’re not groovy

Stanley Tookie Williams

The founder of the Crips

Was on death row for his misdeeds

And his life it took a twist


Writing books for children

Then became his way

To tell the nation’s boys and girls

Away from gangs to stay


But Gov’nor Terminator

Was tanking in the polls

So Tookie could not be removed

From the killing rolls


People ‘round the country

And all over the world

Raised their voice in his defense

But the guv flipped them the bird


His killing, it was botched, so

They tortured him to death

Barbarians we have become

We must reverse this path


Not only Tookie Williams

But a thousand others too

We can reverse, we must reverse

It’s up to me and you




Right here, in our country

There exist

Children who don’t have enough food

They are in our midst


Each day, they go to school with


Grumbling in their tummies

How can they learn like this


No oatmeal, berries, yogurt or

chicken, carrots, or cole slaw

Sustain them

Some wonder why they don’t care to

Read or write like others do

But their hunger

Drains them


Food stamps would help their families

To provide

Enough and more nutritious

Food so their kids can thrive


Farmers’ markets and gardens

Could help a lot

But parents need money to buy food

That’s what so many have not


Their kids need good food just the same

As yours and mi-ine,

We should be ashamed!



Unique and precious

Is each boy and girl

Every single one

All around the world


Some are normal

Whatever that means

But so many others

Have much greater needs


There was a place

Known as Willowbrook

A place of mis’ry

Where we didn’t have to look


Instead of school

It’s where THOSE kids went

But the ones from rich families

To private schools were sent


Education is a human right

Into darkness, it shines a light

Let’s meet all the needs of all of our kids

Brilliant, average, special ed







Don’t you take my school from me

Charters don’t take every kid

But you fund them like they did

No more bubbling standardized tests

They don’t measure real progress


Like rich kids I need the arts

Modern labs would be a start

Some of us have special needs, but

All are flowers, none are weeds

Educate each one of us

Don’t send us to the back-of-the-bus!


In nineteen hundred fifty four

Supreme Court opened schoolhouse doors

To students of every race

Don’t bring back the bad old days

Education’s an expense that

Costs far less than ignorance



One bright sunny day
In Ferguson MO (say: “moe”)
Michael Brown was-shot-and-killed
For walking in the road
Hands up in the air
No weapon had he
He was yet another victim
Of police brutality

Eric Garner, Sean Bell
Amadou Dillo
Ramarley Graham
And Ousmane Zongo
It’s a long mournful list
Growing all the time
Moms and dads weep
And watch their kids die

Into the streets
Streamed his family and friends
To protest the death of
Another young black man
The cops were ready
With military gear
Like foreign invaders
Filling everyone with fear

People of color
Have the right
To walk outdoors
Any day or night
The mission of the cops
Is to serve and protect
Respect for all
Is what we all expect

I’m a corporation
And I believe in god
That doesn’t mean I have to do
Anything that’s hard

Like having safe workplaces
For my employees
Or making sure my waste products
Don’t kill all the trees

Though I’m a legal fiction
My immortal soul
Will surely go to hell if I
Cover birth control

Whether they are Hindu
A Jew or atheist
All my female workers
Must submit to this

Corporate Christians can both
Have and eat our cake
Control employees’ private lives
While they work without a break

Post-birth human beings
Have no right to life
But the new corporate life form
Will never ever die!

I’m a single mom of three
Their dad died “accidentally”
On the job in construc….tion
Now all three need counseling
Their school said try a private shrink
There’s been a budget reduc…tion
One’s cutting school, and another gets drunk
And the youngest just stays home and weeps
I have to work to pay the rent
So I’m home mostly when they’re sleep….ing  [anticipate]

There’s not enough food
Even with my three jobs
I try not to be rude [anticipate]
But it’s food stamps or we starve

Wendy’s, Walmart and Burger King
Are my employers
The wages that they’re paying
Make them my exploiters

Neighbors whisper that I’m
Not much of a mother
Some say it is time [anticipate]
To place my kids with another

All my life I tried and tried
To do what you’re supposed to
Now I’m stuck in this plight
This is what I’m reduced to

Being poor
Isn’t a crime
Turning your backs
That’s the REAL crime!

Hello Christian right
We prefer the Bill of Rights
But now we must sing Praise The Lord
Things don’t look so bright

Kids pray in public schools
Cause James Dobson writes the rules
The 1st Amendment’s such a bore
And Bible-thumping’s cool

And Dominionists
Our silence is their bliss

Research on stem cells
They say will send us straight to hell
We can’t use a frozen embryo
To make sick people well

Intelligent design
We must say it’s mighty fine
Science is not our friend-ee-o
It strays from the Bible’s line

And Dominionists
Our silence is their bliss

Watch out for the rapture right
They don’t like the Bill of Rights
Atheists and humanists
It’s time to stand and fight
Time to stand and fight
Time to stand and fight
[some alternate verses, mix and match as you please]
Hello Christian right
We prefer the Bill of Rights
But now we must sing Praise The Lord
Things don’t look so bright

Kids must learn abstinence
Their tender minds must be cleansed
Of thoughts of sex forevermore
Then they’ll forget what it meant

Abortion is a dirty word
The dirtiest they’ve ever heard
But don’t expect too much from them
The right to life ends at birth

Delights of a honeymoon
Are strictly for a bride and groom
But groom and groom or bride and bride
Will surely bring our doom

When Mubarak ruled in Egypt land

Hosni we’re glad you’re gone

His rule was with an iron hand

Egypt must move on



Fear and terror

Lived in Egyptian hearts

As the modern pharaoh

Maintained stability


Hosni was the perfect host

The CIA said so

For detainee renditions he did the most

And never once said no



Fear and terror

Lived in Egyptian hearts

As the modern pharaoh

Maintained stability


You and I, we paid the bills

A billion every year

Responsible for those he killed

And those who lived in fear



Now Egyptians

Must control their destiny

And maybe, they’ll have


Imagine no more prisons,
It isn’t hard to do
No more human outcasts
It’s up to me and you

Imagine education
And jobs for everyone

You may say I’m crazy
But I’m not the only one
Nobody’s born bad or lazy
Earth is where we all come from

Imagine true equality
I wonder if you can
All one human family
Every woman, child, and man

Imagine peace and justice
All over the world

You may say I’m crazy
But I’m not the only one
Nobody’s born bad or lazy
Earth is where we all come from

Every ethnic group and country
Skin of every hue
All religions, no religion
And every gender too

Many differences among us
But much more is the same

You may say I’m crazy
But I’m not the only one
Nobody’s born bad or lazy

Earth is where we all come from

If someone bombs a neighborhood

It has to be understood

That civilians will be in the path

Of their bombs,

Their firebombs,

Their cluster bombs,

Their deadly bombs,

Those civilians will die

From those bombs

In ’45, from Nuremburg

Around the world this vow was heard

Never again to close our eyes, to war crimes

War crimes

War crimes     

To everyone this law applies

Never again to close our eyes

To war crimes

We’re telling you this is the time

For human rights in Palestine

Checkpoints, siege, and a-part-heid

Can’t go on

President Obama, please

Don’t keep a people on their knees

Never again means every single

Human being




Breeds resistance





Will bridge the distance


Arabs suffer like we do

When bombs they are subjected to

Just like Jewish kids

Their kids cry too.


Israel, talk to your enemies

It is the only way to make peace

The violent cycle must cease

P’litical pris’ners must be released

Israelis please! Israelis please!

End the occupa-a-a-ation.

Israelis have a terrible problem

And they're told that it will extinguish them

It's called demography; they don't know what to do

And so democracy is now their problem too

It's called demography; they don't know what to do

And so democracy is now their problem too

Demographically the situation's this
The Jewish nature of Israel's at risk
Because the birthrates simply aren't matching up
To keep the population Jewish enough

And so maintaining a majority of Jews
Is an effort that is fated to lose


The Palestinians are standing in the way

Of Jewish Israel and so they’re made to pay

Jews all around the world are going gray

At the ethnic cleansing carried out in their names

Jews all around the world are going gray

At the ethnic cleansing carried out in their names


The Holocaust was a crime of genocide

And such horrors we no longer can abide

Nev’r again refers to each and every one

Every mother, father, daughter and son

Nev’r again refers to each and every one

Every mother, father, daughter and son





The original was revised [post-Bush] by Sunny Armer.

Where is the healthcare

For vets at Walter Reed

Congress, support the troops!

Don’t make them jump through hoops

To get the benefits

That they so sorely need

Don’t put them on the street

And shut the door.


Some War on Terror vets

May have PTSD

Severe brain injuries

And some are amputees

Don’t send them to Iraq

Or to Afghanistan

Keep them all safe at home

Away from war


They’re facing homelessness

Divorce and suicide

Mis’ry is all around

That’s what our vets have found

Let’s tell Obama

To stop this deadly game

It’s time we all stand up

To shout NO MORE

Intro: And now, a word from the 1% on what’s new and exciting in coal mining!


Behead every mountain

There’s coal in there

Dump it in the valley

We don’t really care


You can scream climate change

Let us know how that goes

Energy from the sun

Really steps on our toes


Lots of air pollution

The water’s full of crap

We privatize the profits

And socialize a trap
We must forever stay rich

So if you all use the wind

For your energy needs

Then we won’t be your friend


The Appalachian Mountains

Must resemble the moon

For us to get our cash out

And it can’t be too soon! [slow]

Polar bears are drowning daily,

Glaciers melting everywhere.

Hell on earth is what awaits us

And Congress doesn’t seem to care.

Earth has a fever

Fever like Sandy, fever like a massive drought

New York City, underwater,

May be what it’s all about.


The Koch brothers pay their flunkies

To call it all a lot of bunk

But independent scientists

Insist that they are full of junk.

Earth has a fever

Fever like Katrina, fever like a massive drought

Entire countries, underwater,

May be how it will turn out.


Climatologists from the U.N

Wrote the truth for all to know

But the fossil-foolish lobbies

Don’t like it so it has to go

They’ve got a fever

Fever in the wallet, fever in the bank account

Too much money, in their pockets

That is what it’s all about

This song was written with the assistance of Sunny Armer.


I’ve been arrested, don’t know what for

Arab or Muslim, that’s enough for

A one-way ticket to the black sites of hell

No contact with my family

No attorney can I see

I’m tormented, rotting in a cell


They put me on a jet plane

Don’t know if I’ll get home again

It don’t look like they’ll ever set me free

Put me on a jet plane

Don’t even know-o where I am

Kidnapped by the USA


Arabs ‘n’  Muslims are the pilot program

But don’t be fooled, your turn will come

Divide and conquer works:  it’s tried and true

Beware incitement of your fears

For safety of your kids so dear

The powers that be are not concerned for you


Save them from that jet plane

We must  break all the chains

Defend the human rights of all

To keep them off that jet plane

Stand up right now and proclaim

The Bill of Rights is meant for all

There was a place in New Orleans

Called the Lower Ninth Ward

Black folks in public housing there

Were strong and proud, but poor


When Hurricane Katrina hit

Cars did not abound

But FEMA said it was their own fault

They didn’t get out of town


Katrina breached the levees,

And the floodwaters, in they came

The fate of the Lower Ninth Ward

Will be our eternal shame


Waiting on the rooftops

For help that never arrived

Abandoned by America

So many of them died


Those who got out safely

Want to return and rebuild their lives

But the powers that be have other ideas

With no room for the Lower Ninth


Destroy the public housing

Is what they’re going to do

Replace 4000 units with 800

Sounds crazy but it’s true


They had a public hearing

To make it all look OK

And welcomed their black neighbors with

Tasers and pepper spray


Ethnic cleansing of New Orleans

Is terribly crystal clear

Just like Darfur and Bosnia

Yes, it is happening here

Some say we need insurance companies
To run our healthcare any way they please
So whaddaya think, are they doing the job
Or does it make you wanna sob

Make 600 calls, and whaddaya know
Your claim is denied and you’re on your own
To save your life, would depress their bottom line
Nothing personal, of course, they hope you’ll be fine

Well, we say the market’s OK for some things
Like deodorant, dishes, raincoats and rings
But the importance of good medical care
Means we really gotta make it fair

Making it fair for everyone
Means care for all, not only some
What the doc says you need, is what you should get
And not have to take on crippling debt

We’d rather pay for healthcare than guns and bombs
Why’s there always enough for the Pentagon
National health is the way to go
We’d get better care, for the same dough

If Canada, Europe, and Japan
Also Cuba and Thailand
Could figure this out, what’swrong with us?
Healthcare for alL

IT’S UP TO US [spoken]