Move all your money
Out of *[Wells Fargo] today!
Vote with your money
’Cause that’s the American way.
We’ll show the bankers
Who fund the black snake and its slime
That we don’t want them using our money
For the Dakota oil pipeline.

Move all your money
Out of *[Wells Fargo] today!
They’d poison our water,
But “water is life” we all say.
We’ve come to tell them,
That all life is sacred, for sure,
And they will learn they can’t drink their money
When the water is no more.

We’ve come to *[Raleigh],
Peaceful and prayerful we stand,
To say to *[Wells Fargo]:
Standing Rock’s our native land.
So we’ll move all our money,
And *[Wells Fargo] can go take a hike!
They will learn their lesson when the oil spills,

*[Substitute name of bank or city as appropriate]

**M-nee wich-o’nee

Author; Vicki Ryder
Tune; Which Side Are You On?

The people or the pipeline? Which side are you on?
The people or the profiteers? Which side are you on?
To sacred lands and burial grounds, the native people come,
And we’ll stand in solidarity until their fight is won.

They gather now at Standing Rock, tribes from throughout the land,
To keep their water and their homes from greedy corporate hands.

Dakota Access Pipeline, your profits bring you shame;
You bulldoze and you terrorize, all in money’s name.

You set your dogs upon the people, and they get thrown in jail,
But they’ll stand and fight with all their might until they do prevail.

Water is a sacred trust, without it we’ll all die;
So we can’t allow that pipeline ’neath the North Dakota sky.

Many hundred years ago you forced them from their homes,
Now they’re rising up to say “No More,” this land you cannot own.

Let’s hear it for HB2,

Protecting me and you;

Now you won’t have to fear

That anyone queer

Will be peeing next to you.


Let’s hear it for HB2,

And the bigots who voted it through;

Now you all must prove

When your bowels move

That you know just who is who.


So check the sign on the door
And then do something more,
Prove your sex
To the old rednecks

Who voted for this law.
With five minutes to decide,

They set gay rights aside;

And bigotry

Has been set free,
But we still have our pride.


And there’s one thing we all know.

As we did to old Jim Crow:
Again and again
We’ll fight ’til we win!

HB2 has got to go!


They lie through their teeth with the greatest of ease,

Those bigots who’d bring us all down to our knees;

So we’ve got to stand strong and repeal Hate Bill 2,

It’s not just about bathrooms, we know.


They thought they’d distract us with a transgender law,

But we’ve read the fine print and we know it’s much more:

Taking rights from our workers, our cities and towns...

It’s not just about bathrooms, we know.



Minimum wages and fair labor laws

Are some of the things that we’re now fighting for;

And the right to appeal in our very own state

When we face injustice, racism and hate.


They think they’re immune from our fed-er-al laws,

And ignore them just like in the old Civil War.

But we’ll fight them in court and we’ll rage and we’ll roar,

‘Cause it’s not just about bathrooms, we know.



The homophobes pushing this bill quickly through

Thought we’d be fooled by the language they drew.

Government overreach surely must be

When they start making laws about where we can pee.


So it’s Monday in Raleigh, and we’re back today

To tell Pat McCrory that we’re here to stay,

And we’ll keep coming back if he drags us away...

‘Cause it’s not just about bathrooms, we know.





Chorus #1:

Look out! ’Cause we are growing bolder!

We’re gaining strength as we grow older!

Our steps they might be slow,

And ’though our boobs are hanging low,

We are Raging Grannies strong!


It’s economic equity we’re raging for today.

Billionaires get richer while we struggle for fair pay.

While people sleep on sidewalks, Grannies seek another way...

We are Raging Grannies strong!


Chorus #2:

Look out! ’Cause we are growing bolder!

We’re gaining strength as we grow older!

You can throw us into jail, but by our numbers we’ll prevail.

We are Raging Grannies strong!


They tell us that the TPP’s a benefit for all
But corp’rate power always trumps the rights of one and all.

With loss of jobs and secret courts, it’s such a lousy call...

So spread the word it’s wrong.



Climate change is here to stay; it’s hot as hell today!

In other places, homes and farms are being washed away.

Glaciers melt and oceans rise... disasters every day...

And the poor are the first to pay.



Anyone can buy a gun; they’re easy to obtain;

Children get their hands on them, they think it’s just a game.

We’ve got to fight the NRA, they really are insane.

We are Raging Grannies strong!



Bombs rain down, in your town,
Cries of terror and dread,
Restless sleep, mothers weep,
Circling drones fly overhead.

Come to me, refugee,
I lift my lamp high.
By my light in the night
You’ll be safe by and by.

Flee you must! Those you trust
Trudge for months, days, and hours,
Moving on, through the dawn,
Child of war and child of ours.

Come to me, refugee,
May your terror be past.
By my light in the night
May you know peace at last.

Here we stand, with helping hands,
Reaching out to war’s victims;
Pledging now, a solemn vow,
That we’ll welcome you in.

Come to me, refugee,
You, the tired, the poor.
By my light in the night
Welcome now to our shores.

WE’RE the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand,
To KEEP choice free for women and to keep our families planned.
We WON’T go back to hangers if our right to choose is banned.
We RAGE for women’s lives.

CHORUS: NO more dying in back alleys.
WE’LL keep raging in these rallies
UnTIL we stop these crazy schemes against Planned Parenthood;
We RAGE for women’s lives.

We STAND here [on the street] and wonder at the sad disgrace
That the RIGHTS for which we fought might disappear without a trace.
So we STAND now with Planned Parenthood to save the human race.
We RAGE for women’s lives.

We’ve COME here to [this rally] and it’s not just for the sport,
To TELL the world that we must keep the rights for which we fought,
The RIGHT to plan our families and the freedom to abort.
We RAGE for women’s lives.

We WON’T lie down and take it if they make these budget cuts
While they SPEND our taxes for their wars; we think that’s really nuts!
It’s TIME to tell the world there can’t be any ifs or buts,
We NEED Planned Parenthood!

We’ll remember in November
When we vote, as well we should,
How you tried to regulate us
And to kill Planned Parenthood.

We fought hard for women’s ri-ights
And we won’t go back in time.
Keep abortion free and legal;
It’s our choice – it’s not a crime.

You men in office think you own us
But our bodies belong to us.
Keep your laws off my vagina;
You have no bus’ness in my uterus.

You would keep us in the kitchen,
Barefoot and pregnant, too.
But we’ll remember in November
And vote you out! Your time is through!

Oh, Planned Parenthood, what they do is good
For women’s health and women’s choice.
So this time we’re getting organized;
We rise together with one voice.

And we’ll remember in November
When we vote, as well we should.
We will vote you out of office
And we’ll save Planned Parenthood.

The Grannies are swarming with warnings of warming.
It's time we're reforming our country's great shame.
So we’ll keep performing our global informing
'Til they stop deforming the earth in our name.

The Grannies are raging in (NAME YOUR TOWN) today,
To sing for the Earth in our Granny-like way....
With humor and hats and with voices raised high,
We sing for the planet, the seas, and the sky.


We sing for our children and grandchildren, too,
And our voices ring out clear and strong with the news
That capitalism is fouling our land,
So we must change the system -- that's the Grannies' demand.


We Will Remember
(Tune: “The Water is Wide”)
Lyrics by Vicki Ryder (2014)

We will remember Michael Brown,
Eighteen years old when they shot him down.
A human being just in his prime,
And “walking black” was his only “crime.”

Jonathan Ferrell, Emmett Till,
Kimani Gray, Traveres McGill,
Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell,
And Oscar Grant, we remember well....

We Grannies all cry out in pain
To see it happen once again.
We worked to end Jim Crow at last,
And we won’t go back to our racist past.

The cops with guns across our land
Have got to stop and understand
That all of us are Michael Brown...
And tho’ they try, they won’t keep us down.


View it on YouTube:


We’re teachers, doctors, students in debt,
Grandmothers, ministers, housewives, vets.
So here’s the thing that we don’t get:
Which of us is the imminent threat?

We work for a living our whole lives through,
Working three jobs when two won’t do;
Earning minimum wage, dragged down by debt,
So which of us is the imminent threat?

You take away our Medicaid and poison our wells,
You lock our kids in private prison cells,
We’re mighty angry, you can bet,
But which of us is the imminent threat?

You ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,
You change the rules in the middle of the night.
But you ain’t seen the last of us yet,
’Cause you’re the ones who are the imminent threat!




When I sit down for breakfast

I look into my bowl

Expecting to see corn flakes

But instead I see a... [spoken] genetically modified organism.


And when I take my lunch break

I eat a BLT

But instead of eating lettuce

I’m surprised to find a... [spoken] genetically modified organism


At supper time I’m ready

For grandma’s hearty stew

So you can just imagine

My reaction to these... [spoken] genetically modified organisms.


We don’t want to be eating

Monsanto’s GMOs.

We want the right to choose what’s good,

‘Cause heaven only knows

What GMOs will do to us,

And to our Grandkids, too.

So we say label all our food!

We’re tired of getting screwed!


[Alternate last lines for the meek: “Give GMOs the boot!” or “It’s up to me and you.”]




Did you hear what happened in Washington town?
Those neo-con bastards shut our government down.

This was no idle tantrum; it was part of their scheme
To silence the people, and put an end to the dream.

They’re really quite clever, those neo-con jerks;
They had to stop Obamacare ’cause we’d see that it works.

Then people would rise up and say that we must
Have more government programs that help all of us.

They’ll call us all socialists, but whatever they say,
We know folks will die without health care today.

They’re holding us hostage to their evil plans.
They shut down the government and now they demand
That we must negotiate, but we Grannies say NO!
And come next election, they’ve all got to go!

This is still a democracy, if they like it or not.
And we won’t be held hostage to their neo-con plot.

So let’s pull together and give a loud shout,
And vote our own interests, and throw the bums out.

Chalked the Sidewalk
(Tune: “Clementine”
Lyrics © by Vicki Ryder

Chalked the sidewalk (it was washable)
Chalked the sidewalk last night;
Wrote a message to the banksters,
That gauging poor folks isn’t right.

Got arrested, (Can you believe it?)
Got arrested last night.
The po-lice they came and got me,
Gave me quite an awful fright.

 What has happened to the freedoms
That they say they’re fighting for?
What’s so wrong with using chalk
To stop the banks from gauging more?

Sidewalk artists and little children
Chalk the sidewalks, that’s no crime.
But if you dare write against the banksters
Then you’ll end up doing time.

If you think (just as I once did)
Tha-at this can’t happen here,
Stick your head into the sand, and
Say good-bye to your derriere.

Our rights and freedoms are disappearing
Just like chalk on a rainy night,
So get out there and chalk the sidewalk
’Cause for our freedoms we must fight.



We’re the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand,
To break the chain of our abuse across this mighty land.
We proclaim our dignity, and justice our demand…
We’re Rising Up today!

Chorus:   No more rape and no more beatings.
Women rise! We're tired of pleading.
We’re rising up to tell you that our bodies are our own;
We’re Rising Up today!

We rise in [name your town] today to say it’s a disgrace
That women’s rights might simply disappear without a trace.
We dance and sing and shout out loud to save the human race!
We’re Rising Up today!

Repeat Chorus

What makes you men think you can take your liberties with us?
We're mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters, kickin' up a fuss.
Your violations end today, there's no more to discuss!
We’re Rising Up today!

Repeat Chorus

We dance today for justice, and it’s not just for the sport.
We own our bodies; we’ll protect the rights for which we fought...
The right to step out unafraid; the freedom to abort.
We’re Rising Up today!

Repeat Chorus

We’re the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand,
To keep choice free for women all across our mighty land.
We won’t go back to hangers if our right to choose is banned!
We’re Rising Up today!

Chorus:   No more rape and no more beatings.
Women rise! We're tired of pleading.
We’re rising up to tell you that our bodies are our own;
We’re Rising Up today!

We stand here in [name your city] and wonder at the sad disgrace
That women’s rights might simply disappear without a trace.
We dance and sing and shout out loud to save the human race!
We’re Rising Up today!
Repeat Chorus

What makes you think that you can take your liberties with us?
We're mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters, kickin' up a fuss.
Your violations end today, there's no more to discuss!
We’re Rising Up today!
Repeat Chorus

We dance today for justice, and it’s not just for the sport.
We own our bodies; we’ll protect the rights for which we fought...
The right to step out unafraid; the freedom to abort.
We’re Rising Up today!
Repeat Chorus






Oh, give us a beach
Where oil spills can’t reach,
And there’s no sticky goo on the sand,
Where children can play,
And the birds and fish stay
Free from harm... that’s our simple demand.


        No frackin’! No way!
        We say keep those frackers away!
        We say NO to those rigs
        And those comp’nies so big!
        Mother Earth still comes first in our land.

There are so many ways
To make power these days
From the wind and the sun, don’t you see?
Let’s stop hydrofracking
And mountaintop hacking
Let’s treat the Earth as it should be.


Oh, Wal-Mart’s come into our town
And discounted all their prices down.
They’ve built big stores.

They’re keeping their prices very low
By paying their workers far below
A living wage.

They sell cheap stuff from foreign shores
Made by the sweat of the working poor
For us to buy.

They sell below the other shops
So all the little moms and pops
Will soon be closed.

With no more jobs and no more pay
The shoppers soon will go away...
Then who will buy?

So, Wal-Mart get out of our town!
You’re tearing our economy down.
And we won’t buy!!!

Wal-Mart sucks...
The life out of towns!
The mom and pop stores have to close their doors
And local economies fall through the floor!
Yes, Wal-Mart sucks.

Wal-Mart stinks...
Of corporate greed!
They sell cheap goods made by foreign sweatshops
Where workers earn pennies and work ‘til they drop!
Yes, Wal-Mart stinks!
Wal-Mart blows...
Away union jobs!
Good wages and benefits? Nothing but lies!
They’ll fire you quick if you organize!
Yes, Wal-Mart blows!

Look at Wal-Mart in your city
Where the people often shop,
It's a store that sells cheap products
Made in foreign sweatshops.

            So stop shopping at this Wal-Mart
            ’Til it treats its workers well,
            And if Wal-Mart won't cooperate,
            They can just go straight to hell.

And its management whose treatment
Of the women is unfair,
And the companies it deals with
End up losing their fair share.

            So stop shopping . . .

Living wage is non-existent,
They can never unionize,
When they try to, they get fired!
Please don't shop here we advise.

             So stop shopping . . .

 You'd better watch out, it's happening fast --
Mom and Pop shops are a thing of the past.
Wal-Mart stores are ruining our town.
The corner store's gone, it couldn't compete
With mega-marts cov’ring a million square feet.
Wal-Mart stores are ruining our town.

            Two hundred billion dollars
            They're haulin' in each year!
            They're the biggest corporation
            In both the hemispheres....

They say they're "just folks,” simple and plain,
But we know that they’re the Merchants of Shame!
Wal-Mart stores are ruining our town.

You'd better take note if you're in retail,
Tomorrow your job might be up for sale.
Wal-Mart stores are ruining our town.
A poverty wage is what you'll expect
When you've got the Waltons writing your check.
Wal-Mart stores are ruining our town.

            They're slashing pay and prices,
            It’s a national disgrace!
            They’re destroying our economy
            While they wear their happy face....

 So it's time to say "NO!" We're taking a stand.
 Shopping for Justice, that is our plan.
 Wal-Mart stores, get out of our town!

In old New York City where justice is blind,
There lived a great lawyer who’s now in a bind.
Her name is Lynne Stewart and she helped the poor
But she got on the wrong side of George Bush’s war.

Now, George Bush and Ashcroft are two of a kind.
They’re both chicken hawks and they saved their behinds.
“Our young troops must die for our freedom,” they said,
But it’s freedom that’s dying and justice is dead.

Just what good is freedom if no one is free,
And folks go to jail if they dare disagree?
And lawyers get punished for doing their jobs?
And folks are afraid of the White House lynch mob?

Lynne Stewart was doing what she had to do
Protecting her client and civil rights, too.
She said an attorney must fight to defend --
“I’d like to think that I would do it again.”

Now Lynne sends a message to you and to me,
That no one is free until everyone’s free.
Our whole Bill of Rights now is under the gun,
So we’ll rage and we’ll sing out ‘til justice is done.

If you need a loan to get you through
Payday lending’s not the way to go.
Regions Bank will screw ya bad;
They’re greedy and they’ve got to go!


         Payday loans have got to go!
         They just prey on the poor.
         Regions Bank, get out of town,
         And don’t come back no more!

 They charge outrageous interest rates.
Their usury should be a crime.
We’re here to tell ya Regions Bank
Should be jailed and doin’ time.

Three hundred sixty-five percent:
That’s the interest you must pay.
They will rob you deaf and blind,
‘Cause that’s their thievin’ way.

Regions Bank, we say to you,
We will shut you down!
We don’t want the likes of you
Doin’ business in our town.


“Legitimate rape” is great birth control.
So says Todd Akin, and he oughta know.
If we are raped we can rest unafraid,
‘Cause we can’t get pregnant if forcibly laid.

Our female bodies are clever that way,
We only get pregnant when we say “okay.”
Doctors have told him, so it must be so,
The stork only comes if we don’t say “No!”

Rape won’t make babies and that is a fact;
There’s no global warming; the Earth’s really flat.
We heard it on FOX News so it must be true.
Well, Mr. Akin, we say “FUCK YOU!”

Death unending!  Military spending!
What a waste! What a waste!
Reinstate some sanity,
Spend taxes for humanity,
Invest in peace! Invest in peace!

Let’s build schools instead of bombs,
We need jobs! We need jobs!
Don’t spend all our taxes
To fight the “evil axis.”
Invest in peace! Invest in peace!

Missile shields and drones and bombers –
What a waste! What a waste!
While we’re busy making war
We’re neglecting our own poor!
Invest in peace!  Invest in peace!

It’s time to end these wars of terror.
Bring ’em home! Bring ’em home!
How many more of us must die
In bloody wars all based on lies?
Invest in peace! Invest in peace!

Do you ever wonder why we always have the funds

For wars and corporate bailouts

And the banks so poorly run?

But we never have the money

For the urgent needs at home,

Like jobs and schools and health care

And homes for everyone?


Wh - ere do our taxes go then?

Wh - ere do our taxes go then?

Forty-seven cents of each tax dollar

Goes to fund the wars!

And that’s got to stop right now!

We can help turn things around now

If we only will decide

To join together and elect

Officials on our side

Who will work to save our planet

And build roads and bridges, too,

To build and not destroy!

Repeat chorus

So call your Senators and Reps

And just be sure they know

That the way they’re spending our tax dollars

Simply has to go.

Be sure they get the message

That we want our taxes back

To build and not destroy!

Repeat chorus

Our taxes fly over the ocean,

To fund the Afghanistan war,

But our taxes are urgently needed

Right here for the jobless and poor.


         Bring back, bring back,

         Oh bring back those taxes and spend them here.

         Bring ‘em back, yes bring ‘em back, 

         And then how we Grannies will cheer!

Our bridges and highways are crumbling,

Our teachers and schools need support.

The money that’s now spent on killing,

Should be used to wage peace and not war.



We should be supporting our students

Who struggle to pay for their loans,

And we should be supporting our families,

While the banks just foreclose on their homes.



We’ve worked mighty hard for the money

That we pay every year to the Feds,

And we don’t want it paying for warfare,

When we all could have healthcare instead.


We’ve always paid our taxes,

We’ve paid them right on time.

We never, ever cheated;

We coughed up every dime.

But we’re sick of always paying for these

Endless, bloody wars

Especially when the payment comes

From the pockets of the poor.

We don’t mind paying taxes

When they pay for things we need

Like schools and jobs and health care

And other worthy deeds.

But when we know our dollars go

To bailouts, bombs and guns

We’ll tell you true, it makes us blue

To see what they have done.

Those greedy corporations

Find loopholes by the score;

They hardly pay a single dime,

While we pay more and more.

Republicans say, “That’s okay,

‘Cause biz’ness needs a break,

So let them be, they ride for free.”

Now don’t that take the cake?

When Uncle Sam gets our tax dollars

We hope that he will heed

These Grannies when we say that they should

Pay for things we need.

We don’t need war and killing,

Or drilling off our shores.

Oh, my! Good grief! We’d get relief

If we stopped these God-damned wars!

[I wrote this song for the Triangle Grannies to sing at a public hearing on a proposed rate hike of 18.6% by Duke Energy, our local power company (monopoly). Despite record-breaking CEO salaries and bonuses in the multi-millions, they are crying poor. While this is a local struggle, I think the song has potential for being adapted for other struggles, as well.]

We’re the Raging Grannies and we’ve come to have our say,
To speak out for the people and to tell you there’s no way
To justify a rate hike for Duke Energy today…
No rate hike! No way!”

         So listen to the people and just turn the rate hike down.
         We don’t want their toxic power plants polluting all our towns.
         We demand that you all listen to the citizens today:
         “No rate hike! No way!”

The bosses at Duke Energy grow richer every day;
They’re rakin’ in the millions and they now want us to pay.
They got a rate hike last year and they’ll get one next year, too.
That’s a thirty percent increase that they want from me and you!

They’re burning coal and natural gas and it’s so plain to see
That they’re wrecking our environment and our economy.
They shouldn’t be rewarded for their wasteful business plans;
They’ll build toxic plants that should be banned.

 If you cave in now to their demands there’ll be no end in sight
To the rate hikes that they’ll take from us; that gives us quite a fright!
They’ll be building nuclear power plants with ou-ur hard-earned dough,
Fukashima should have taught us that’s a crazy way to go.

I want to be a corporation,
Then how those profit bells will chime!
I’ll be a person
Who makes our country worsen,
And for taxes I won’t pay a single dime.

When I’m a full-fledged corporation,
I’ll break the law and not get fined.
I’ll buy the Supreme Court,
They’re my best cohorts,
My pals and my partners in crime.

 If I really were a corporation
I’d buy all the candidates, you bet,
I’d fix all the voting
Oh, how I’d be gloating
While pulling strings on my elected marionettes.

 If I were a giant corporation,
I’d send all our jobs right overseas.
I’d lead the cheering
For war profiteering,
And sell bombs to any country that I please.

 Hey, out there, people are you listenin’?
They say that business is too big to fail.
But we’re the 99%
We’ll get together and dissent,
And put those greedy bastards all in jail.