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Move Your Money DAPL

Make America White Again

The People or the Pipeline


Not Just About Bathrooms

Raging Grannies Strong!

Flint Water Atrocity

Come to Me: Song for a Syrian Refugee

We Need Planned Parenthood

We’ll Remember in November

Pass the Iran Deal

Song of the Great Climate March

We Will Remember: A Song for Michael Brown

Imminent Threat

Government Shutdown

Hello Christian Right

Song for the Egyptian Revolution

Demography vs. Democracy

Earth Has a Fever

Ethnic Cleansing American Style

Song for Trayvon Martin

Realize the Dream (March on Washington)

Chalked the Sidewalk

We’re Rising Up (REVISED)

Fiscal Cliff Talk

No Frackin’, No Way!

Getting to Know Them

I Would Do it Again (Song for Lynne Stewart)

Payday Lending (Regions Bank)

Lady Parts

Get Out and VOTE!

Legitimate Rape

We’re Not Giving Up

Wasteful Military Spending 2012

Where Do Our Taxe$ Go?

Bring Back Our Tax Dollars

We’ve Always Paid our Taxes 2012

Citizen’s United Song

Sourpuss Pension Song, No Sugar from Our PM

Twelve Days of Taxes

Police Brutality



Deck the Capitol

Good News! Occupy Wall Street’s a-Coming

OWS Solidarity Forever!

Occupy the World

Why Such a Big Bill?

Bill C-10 is Unconstitutional!

How to Stop a Bill (and Bring it Down)

Mighty Omnibus Song (Canadian)

When Will Occupy Go Home?

No Rate Hike! No Way!

I Want to Be a Corporation

Move Your Money

Move to Amend

Song for the Occupations (“No More!”)

Hydrofracturing Sucks!

Can You Hear Me Now, Verizon?

Hey, Dudes

Granny Peace Makers

Free Public Schools – Not Private

PBS (CBC) In The Morning


We Rage to End All War (Mother’s Day Version)

Let Me Sell Guns


The Uterus Song

How Much?

Save Canada

Were You Mad?

Grannies Against Prohibition

You Can’t Stomp on Me

It’s a Grand Old Tea Bag

The War Economy

Single Payer Not Happening

Stephen Harper, Emperor

We’ve Always Paid Our Taxes (Tax Day 2010)

Song of the Billionaires for Fee Hikes

Corporations Are Persons Now!

We Need Internet Freedom

Battle Hymn for Internet Freedom

Fat Cat’s Song

Corporate States of America

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Sweet Michelle Jean

50 Ways to Leave your Harper!

No Government For Daydream Believers

Drifting Along With A Half-Witted Government (Harper Prorogues Parliament)

Harper Proroguing Parliament – 2 songs

We Weep for Gaza


Oh, George Dubya!

Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Thanks Susan B. Anthony

Single Payer Teachers

Drones in the Sky

Stamp Out Hate Labels

Single Payer Teachers

Not Another Hiroshima

Lack of ‘Truthiness’

I’ve Always Paid My Taxes


Picking On The Poor

Put the Foodbank Out of Business

Granny Intro Song

Why We Sing – Not Entertainment

Military Spending (Peace Round)

Streets of Caledonia and Baghdad

Sell ‘Em ALL (Privatizing)

Dirty Air Will Do Us In

Proportional Representation

Reluctant Talk About Torture

Beneath The Nuclear Umbrella

Advice on Canadian Economy

The Bank As Your Best Friend

Jazzy Introduction Song

Food For Thought

Canada Got It Backwards

Canadian Politics

Ding-a-ling-a-lings Holding Office!

Prime Minister Visits The U.S.

Idiots With A Missile Plan

Oil, Oil, Glorious Oil

Another Way

Free Trade Trot

Helping The Arms Trade Grow

Free Trade Zones Go Away

How Can We Trust Politicans?

How Canadian Women Got The Vote!

Candidates Talking Doodle

The Raging Grannies’ Handy-Dandy All-Purpose Generic Protest Song

CSIS, CSIS (Canada’s FBI)

What Don’t You Get When You Use A Condom?

Our Wooden Hearts

Who Owns The Sky?

Petition For Our Needs

Time For The Chicken Dance!

Statistical Polls

Without Truth

Election Promises

God Help America

[Bad Politican Name here] The Knife

Water System Failure

Politicans and Raging Grannies

Governmental Righteousness

Your Tax Dollars (2009)

Bail Out the People!

We’re Not Fixin’ to Die Rag

Where Does Taxpayer Money Go? (NYC)

Little Tiny Brains

Presidential Women


Change? What Change? (A Granny Rap)

What Do We Want from Obama?

The Grannies’ Lament

Sit-in by the Impeachment Tree

Cleaning Out the Lies


Only Baloney

Enjoy Yourself

Hey, Dude!


Walking In A Voter Wonderland

CIA Hideaway

Get Out and Vote

Anthem for Peace

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