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Lady Parts

Get Out and VOTE!

Legitimate Rape

We’re Not Giving Up

Wasteful Military Spending 2012

Where Do Our Taxe$ Go?

Bring Back Our Tax Dollars

We’ve Always Paid our Taxes 2012

Citizen’s United Song

Sourpuss Pension Song, No Sugar from Our PM

Twelve Days of Taxes

Police Brutality



Deck the Capitol

Good News! Occupy Wall Street’s a-Coming

OWS Solidarity Forever!

Occupy the World

Why Such a Big Bill?

Bill C-10 is Unconstitutional!

How to Stop a Bill (and Bring it Down)

Mighty Omnibus Song (Canadian)

When Will Occupy Go Home?

No Rate Hike! No Way!

I Want to Be a Corporation

Move Your Money

Move to Amend

Song for the Occupations (“No More!”)

Hydrofracturing Sucks!

Can You Hear Me Now, Verizon?

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