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The War Economy & The Poor People’s Campaign


‘Til the Workers Win the Day (2017)

The People or the Pipeline


Not Just About Bathrooms

Raging Grannies Strong!

ATLAH song

Special Ed Song

Education Song

Michael Brown Song

Imminent Threat

Song for the Homeless

Chalked the Sidewalk

No Frackin’, No Way!

We Won’t Buy!

The Wal-Mart Round

Look at Wal-Mart

(Wal-Mart) Get Outta Town!

Payday Lending (Regions Bank)

Get Trigger Happy!

Poor PM Pops Pensions – O That Wascally Harper!

Twelve Days of Taxes

Police Brutality

Marcelo Lucero

No Rate Hike! No Way!

Hydrofracturing Sucks!

Can You Hear Me Now, Verizon?

The Uterus Song

Oh, Give Us a Beach

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