The original was revised [post-Bush] by Sunny Armer.

Where is the healthcare

For vets at Walter Reed

Congress, support the troops!

Don’t make them jump through hoops

To get the benefits

That they so sorely need

Don’t put them on the street

And shut the door.


Some War on Terror vets

May have PTSD

Severe brain injuries

And some are amputees

Don’t send them to Iraq

Or to Afghanistan

Keep them all safe at home

Away from war


They’re facing homelessness

Divorce and suicide

Mis’ry is all around

That’s what our vets have found

Let’s tell Obama

To stop this deadly game

It’s time we all stand up

To shout NO MORE

We Rage to End All War [Mother’s Day Version 2011]
(Tune: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”)
New lyrics by Vicki Ryder

We’re the Raging Grannies and we want you all to know
That war is not the way to peace and we must all say NO!
We’ve seen it time and time again – war’s not the way to go!
We rage to end all war!

         Happy Mother’s Day to all you Grannies,
         Here’s hoping that you’ll get up off your fannies,
         And join us on this day as we proclaim with all our might:
         It’s time to end all war!

We put away our knitting, tuck the grandkids into bed,
Throw on our shawls and aprons, put our hats upon our heads.
Inspired by the suffragists, we do not lightly tread,
We rage to end all war!


They took our sons and daughters and they sent them off to die;
Said we had to kill Osama ’though those weapons were a lie.
Now some other mother bids her child a tearful last good-bye.
We rage to end all war!


 They want to take our Medicare, our schools and parks and more,
So they’ll have the money that they need to keep on makin’ war.
We’re here to say on Mother’s Day that really makes us sore!
We rage to end all war!


Oh, we are a gaggle of grannies
Urging you off of your fannies;
We're telling you now
We're angry and how!

No more war!
With all that government spending
To fight wars that are unending,
The country is broke.

This isn't a joke.
No more war!
The Bush gang kept on lying,
Still haven't shown remorse.

With boys and girls still dying,
Obama must change the course.
So, we may be a gaggle of grannies,
But we've gotten off of our fannies,

We'll only rejoice for,
We sing in one voice for
No more war!
We really mean it - No more war!

And we mean business - No more war!

War's not the way, my boys,
War's not the way,
The jobs, the travel and the pay,
Are lures to put you in harm's way so

They can use you in their game, Give you a gun,
Then send you overseas
To maim or kill some other mother's son.
War's not the way, my girls,

War's not the way,
Kill or be killed you're told,
And when you get back home you'll pay with
Nightmares of buddies lost. What is it for?

Then they'll cut your benefits
To fund another useless bloody war.
War's not the way, my friends,
War's not the way,

We who support our troops,
Are hoping they come home today so
We can begin to work,
For schools and jobs and more.

Work for change begins at home
So first we have to stop these bloody wars!

Enlisted in a war based on a presidential lie
prepared to serve their country even sacrifice their lives
they came to realize it was a useless evil war
they decided to resist

Have a heart and give them shelter
Have a heart and give them shelter
Have a heart and give them shelter
Help war resisters now!

O Canada you're not our native land and not our home
But we admire how you welcome refugees who roam
Oh take our war resisters, treat them as you would your own
Help war resisters now!


The Grannies span the border and we work in unity
With our Canadian sisters we want conscience to be free
Resisters from an evil war should live in liberty
Help war resisters now!


We sang this at the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco on January 25, 2008.

Last night I had the strangest dream I ever dreamed before.
I dreamed that our new president was not the same anymore.
And when he spoke and what he did, I couldn’t really ignore.
He morphed into my former pres., it made me feel heartsore.

He said, my friends, right now we must keep fighting the Iraq War.
We must defeat Afghanistan and Pakistan’s predator.
We must keep those whom we suspect of terrorism in jail.
We haven’t put them on trial so - we’ll never lose their trail.

He said he’s now considering the use-of-preventive-detention.
Impris’ning those jailed without charge fills me with apprehension.
And though he said that he’d restore our constitutional laws.
We now find that he’s copying the rules of his predecessors.

The last time I-had-another-strange dream we finally ended that war.
It sang a myth of happiness and peace forevermore.
I ask of our young President the promise to restore
Those laws that we inherited and-that-we-enjoyed before.

HOW PTSD WORKS - You Can Handle It
(From years of personal experience)

(Tune: They Call The Wind, Moriah)
1) Horror's picked itself a name
Though it's been around for ages
Post Trauma Stress Disorder is
Our label for the rages
But it's normal
It's normal
When you understand, it's normal

2)A crisis situation calls
For you to start reacting
When trauma comes
Emotions get
All mixed up in the action
Its surge, the biggest faction

3) The body does what bodies do
When they're in stress and combat
It shoots the energy through you
To give you strength to do it
The body
The body
PTSD's the body

4) What happens when you're under stress
You finally learn to figure
And what events you should avoid
Because they'll be a trigger
You'll see them
The stressors
Understanding will get bigger

5) There is no shame in readying
To fight a major battle
When all around you, no one else
Has even heard a rattle.
No guilty
You learn to handle surges

6) Not just soldiers home from war
But mothers, drivers, family
The beast's inside us all but we
Can learn to tame it readily
We're in charge
We're in charge
Taming the beast will happen

PTSD now everyone's singin'
Just a label for the pain that we feel
We can beat this thing
So many have shown it
There's just a bit of learnin' to do!
Bridge – There’s wisdom to share,
People to read, ideas to know
Answers out there - for you and me!
Oh, Life is worthwhile
Don’t leave it yet
Happiness – is waiting for you
You can make it too
Come on now – you know it
There’s still a lot of livin’
Painfree – honest livin’
Take my word – you’ve got good livin’ to do!

[I wrote this song as I sat down to knit a few pink squares for the CodePink "cozy" that will be displayed on the White House fence this coming Mother's Day. Women from all over the world will contribute squares that, when bound together, will read: “We will not raise our children to kill another mother’s child.” ]

My knees they don't bend,
And I must wear Depends,
And my boobs they are sagging, it's true,
But I'm not in a snit
'Cause I still can knit
And help CODEPINK to do what they do.


I’m knittin’ in pink
' Cause I want the whole world to know
That I stand with CODEPINK
To say war, it just stinks,
And those greedy war mongers must go!

We women don't shirk,
We just sit down and work
With compassion and needles and wool.
We can end all the wars
And that's worth knittin' for,
So let's stop all this military bull!


Now, quick as a wink,
Hang that cozy so pink
Where everyone worldwide can see
Mothers don't raise their sons
To kill anyone!
Mother's Day is a day meant for peace.


Keep our borders open
For those soldiers hoping
To escape an unjust war
Though they leave their homes
There's a silver lining
Through this mad war shining
That up here in Canada
We again say, 'come!'
V2) Keep your courage strong now
Know that soon you'll see how
To fight for what you know is right
Through these war-dark days
There's a silver lining
Through the thick clouds shining
That you do not walk alone
That the truth will come
V3)Keep the faith together
Through this stormy weather
Though we may not see the light
Action brings it near
History shows clearly
That when we care dearly
Change will come despite the dark
Bring our hopes back home!

("Another Side" is a an anti-recruiter educational program. This song was written to support their efforts.)

Recruiters promise you good jobs
But those good jobs don’t exist
You may end up poor and homeless
If you believe them and enlist

They promise money for college
but they miss a fact or two
‘cause most recruits will get nothing
That’s what could happen to you

Good things they pro-o-mise
Bad things they hide
So don’t enlist, ‘til you insist
You hear Another Side

They offer you a big bonus
If you’ll enlist today
But what if you're killed tomorrow?
Your family will have to pay.

They promise you the best health care
In case of injuries
They never mention the waiting
killing you by degrees


They never mention exposure
to toxic chemicals
or to depleted uranium
Warfare is clean and sterile (ster-RILL)

P T S D doesn’t happen
There’s no such thing as shell shock
There’s no emotional trauma
So suck it up— you’re out of luck!


Seven Grannies got arrested
In Times Square the other day,
Where they went to stage a protest
To say war is not the way!

Oh those Grannies, oh those Grannies,
Oh those Grannies bold and brave
Fearless Grannies with their aprons...
When will they learn to behave?

Put in handcuffs, sent to prison,
For speaking out against the war,
Speaking up for all the children
Who will speak and play no more.


They stood up to those recruiters
Who are luring all our sons
And our daughters into battle,
Into wars that can’t be won.


We feel better! We are safe now
From those Granny terrorists,
With their gray hair and their walkers
And those handcuffs on their wrists.


Who’ll be next to go to prison
Like those Grannies bold and brave?
Fearless Grannies with their aprons...
When will they learn to behave?


The pacifist today
Must find out how to make
constructive substiutions for war talk
A kind of lexicon of words that used to aim
to bring down destruction on others.
2) Instead of 'bombs,' let's FEED
GIVE, instead of guns
Grandmothers stand in for soldiers
To CARE, not to kill
To listen to the world
Learn the new language of Peacetalk.
2) A VILLAGE in the hills
Is NOT a 'battlefield.'
It's homes NOT 'Objectives -For-Generals.
Their young children's LIVES
NOT 'Casualties-Of-War'
Grandmothers say NO to soldiers.
3) The pacifist today
knows what Spinoza said
'Peace is a VIRTUE. It's JUSTICE.'
Not absence of war.
Not a thousand hollow words.
Grandmothers speak peace together.

There's more to war than just war
It leaves less on the earth than before
Fathers, brothers and sisters who will not be home
Daughters and sons, now just names on a stone
Where's that home? Where's that school?
Where's that child? (Point accusing fingers at crowd)
What was treasured is spoiled and defiled
There's music unsung,
Books and libraries gone
Yes, there's more to war than just war!
2) There's more to war than just war
It leaves more on the earth than before
Scorched fields and orchards that will not bear fruit
Rubble-strewn lanes, debris, ashes and soot
Refugees, unmarked graves, makeshift camps
Sleepless nights, fearful days, shattered plans
Minds that are broken
Hate that is spoken
Yes, there's more to war than just war!
3) There's more to war than just war
There's interests and politics, galore
Supernice targets to blast with war toys
Exciting games for the military boys
Propaganda and hypocrisy
Battle specials just right for tv
Profits will soar
As the armies need more
Yes, there's more to war than just war!

Note - this song emphasizes the horrors of war. It also describes the feelings of despair in a true story of one individual at the beginning of his personal struggle with PTSD. We know now that each experience of PTSD is unique and that all can be successfully overcome with patience and courage, yes, even memories such as this.]

Inspired by A Deserter’s Tale, by Joshua Key

Still so young, I’m just 18,
But I suffer night and day
My illness is PTSD
Will it ever go away

A country boy with chances slim
For college and career
Recruiters came to school to pour
Sweet poison in my ears

Your tuition, paid in full
If you sign right here
The army will take care of you
You’ll never go to war

To my dismay I was deployed
To the war zone of Iraq
Death, destruction everywhere,
It could not be more bleak

Told to raid a house each night
The terrorists to catch
But in the houses all we found
Were kids, their moms and dads

The men, we took away with us
No reason did we give
And left the women wond’ring if
They’d e’er be back alive

One time a baby cried and cried
Because I’d hurt her mom
I could not take the guilt and shame
And so discharged my gun

And then that baby’s crying stopped
It stopped forevermore
It haunts me now with all the rest
Of my Iraqi war.

To the tune of Love Me Tender, listen here


Come, they told him, Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
The war drums call for you, Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Your country has need of you Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
It’s the right thing to do
Pah rum-pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum need to do Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Is shoulder this gun.

Come, they told him. Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
We’ll pay you cash up front Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
The enemy to confront Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Come join our glorious hunt
Pah rum-pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum of the few Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Who never will run.

So, he fought for them Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
So many years of war Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Anguished and heartsore Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
What was he fighting for?
Pah rum-pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum
They...taught him new skills Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
He learned how to kill.

He heard them talk of peace Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
While he saw atrocities Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Crimes against humanity Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Torture with immunity
Pah rum-pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum
He watched so many die Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
And learned not to cry.

No more, he told them Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Looking out from dead eyes Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
He asked them why they lied Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
Challenged them to deny
Pah rum-pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum
He turned his back on them Pah rum-pum-pum-pum
And threw down his gun...
Rum pum pum pum....


Recruiters are really in a bind,
new recruits they simply cannot find.
Their quotas can’t be met
and they’re getting real upset
cause they talk a lot but get nothing signed.

So recruiters troll in the high schools
and lie and break their own codes and rules,
cause enlistments rates are down
but, recruiters, (pause) look around,
it doesn’t work cause these kids are not fools!

But if you’re between 16 and 24,
they could come knocking at your door,
cause they’ve got a database
that lets them easily trace
kids to fight and die for these stupid wars

But give it up, recruiters, they won’t go
cause they’re all smart enough to know
that the chance of coming back
from Afghanistan or Iraq
unmaimed and alive is way too low!

You need to know that we don’t want this war,
cause they’ve lied to us about what it’s for,
so we’ll protest and wave our signs
your jobs to undermine
so our kids won’t lose their lives anymore!

War Resisters have to leave their country
Or die out in some desert in I-raq
Lies come down from the top
While the U.S. plays world cop
We want to hear these troops are coming b-ack!


War Resisters have a place here
War Resisters stand with pride
Canada’s a long tradition
Their concerns won’t be denied!

V2) I’d like to say a word ‘bout resisting
How hard forsaking friends & home & family
The leaving of their land
Means they need our helping hand
So they can do the same for others, someday


V3) Continue to ensure our land’s a safe place
To protest war, to sing and march and write
Every single voice they hear
Well it really matters, dear
To keep our borders open in the f-ight!



And it’s one, two, three,

What are we fightin’ for?

First it was WMD,

Now it’s “stability.”

And it’s five, six, seven,

It’s worse than Watergate

Force the Congress to open their eyes

We’re sending soldiers to die.

Join us, all good women and men,

America’s been asleep again.

The Constitution’s been under attack

Here at home and in Iraq.

If our troops don’t lay down their guns,

We’re gonna have a revolution!


And it’s one, two, three,

What are we fightin’ for?

First it was WMD,

Now it’s “stability.”

And it’s five, six, seven,

It’s worse than Watergate.

Force the Congress to open their eyes

We’re sending soldiers to die.

Moms and Daddies watch your schools;

Recruiters treat your kids like fools.

They promise kids an education

Then they invade another nation.

Troops face bombs and IED’s,

And go home as amputees.


And it’s one, two, three,

What are we fightin’ for?

Don’t Americans give a damn?

Let’s leave Afganistan.

And it’s five, six, seven,

It’s worse than Watergate.

Force the Congress to open their eyes

We’re sending soldiers to die.

Reservists and the National Guard

Get shipped out: “All aboard!”

If they don’t die on their first tour,

They get sent back for more and more,

They get called up till age 42.

Grannies, they’re coming for you!


And it’s one, two, three,

What are we fightin’ for?

Don’t Americans give a damn?

Let’s leaveAfganistan.

And it’s five, six, seven,

It’s worse than Watergate.

Force the Congress to open their eyes

Obama’s still letting them die.

He was just a normal, ordinary high school boy.
His Game Boy and his X-Box games gave him great joy.
He was the best guy at those games.
But it was only for fun
Till the recruiters came.
He joined the Army then,
And now his claim to fame
Is his high score killing human beings without getting blamed.

She was just a normal, ordinary high school girl.
Her X-Box and her Game Boy really rocked her world.
She was the best girl at those games.
But it was only for fun
Till the recruiters came.
She joined the Army then.
They taught her better aim,
But when civilians died her guilt could not be restrained.

Bang, boom, deedlee-ee beep
Recruiting stations these days
Use simulations
Where kids sit in tanks and blow up bad guys
From foreign nations.
Recruiters tell the kids
War’s like a videogame,
But after real-life battles kids are never the same.

Most kids feel immortal and think they can’t die.
They can’t imagine injuries might wreck their lives,
Or that post-traumatic stress
Can shake up their brains,
And leave them depressed.
Recruiting stations wear
PlayStation camouflage.
Don’t let them draw our kids in with a high-tech mirage.

(From Holiday Inn, Christmas Movie, Bing & Kaye)

We’ll follow our conscience
Whatever it tells us to
Even if we must say
‘Let me enlist today.’
We’re loving our grandkids
Far far too much to stay
Back on our rocking chairs, out of the way!
Because we love them
We love them
The YOUNG men and women swallowed by this war
And the grans are here to answer duty’s call
We won’t let this war make soldiers of them all!

From Christmas Movie – Holiday Inn (Crosby & Danny Kaye)

*Note – this tune is readily available at EVERY video store as well as on-line and it is well worth learning a good new whistleable tune now and then to prevent a ‘My Bonnie’ addiction if nothing else.

 V1)  Gee, we are here to enlist in the army
Though nobody should fight this stupid war
But someone’s gonna die
So it might as well be I
Than see my grandkids dying for a lie!
WE have a lot we can say to the army
Recruiting promises that don’t get kept
Youngsters without a clue
Think war is fun to do
The real picture isn’t one that they are privy to.
So gee, we’re here to enlist in the army

 V2) Gee, we are here to enlist in the army
We want to make it clear we hate this war
The lying from the top
The moneymaking sops
Youngster’s coffins coming home nonstop!
We’ve got a lot we can say to the army
The very dumbest war that ever was
So take us grans instead
We understand that, dead,
Isn’t some game to while a way the boredom in your head!
So, gee we are here to enlist in the army!

One little, two little, three little soldiers,
Marched off to war and never got older.
It makes us sad and it makes us bolder --
Just say NO to war!

One billion, two billion, three billion dollars,
Wasted on war if we don’t holler:
“You can go but we won’t follow!”
Just say NO to war!

Their kids, my kids, your kids, too,
Facing death -- it’s up to you!
Here’s what we all need to do --
Just say NO to war!

If you don't have sailors, you cannot sail
If you don't have jailers, you cannot jail
If you don't have soldiers, you cannot have war
So tell me my brothers, what we're waiting for?

We cannot shoot missiles, if missiles aren't made
We work in those factories, from need to be paid
We serve in the army - there's no other job
Except Halliburton, and others who rob.

If Wall Street's your address and you cannot trade
You'll find the slave labor, or go and invade
We'll not be the small pawns, in this terrible game
Lie down on the chess board, refuse to be tame.

If THEY don't have sailors, they cannot sail
If THEY don't have jailers, they cannot jail
If THEY have no soldiers, we'll NOT HAVE WAR
And civilization can try it once more.

We're the Raging Grannies!
We’re mad as mad can be!
Recruiters lie, our children die;
That’s not how it should be!

Our kids are told that they’ll get jobs
And money for college too,
But you can bet that what they’ll get
Is just the royal screw.

They send our kids to die in war
But what have they achieved?
They say they’re fighting terrorists
But we won’t be deceived.

Halliburton’s getting rich.
It’s really quite uncouth
To profit from war. We say: No more!
It’s time we heard the truth!

Let’s give our kids the jobs they need
So they don’t have to go!
And when recruiters hunt them down
They can all say NO!

We’re here to say we want our kids
To grow up safe and sound.
Not get blown up by a roadside bomb
Half the world around.

War is not the answer,
And so we’re here to say:
We’ve had enough, its time to get tough
(sweetly) The sweet old Granny way.