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Come to Me: Song for a Syrian Refugee

Pass the Iran Deal


Palestine Song

War Crimes


Demography vs. Democracy

Vets at Walter Reed

Pilot Program

16 Tons of Greed

We Rage to End All War, updated to include Syria

America The Not-So Beautiful


Anthem of the 1%

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Who Wrote the Songs

Food, Horrible Food

Enhanced Interrogation


Granny Peace Makers

We Rage to End All War (Mother’s Day Version)

How Much?

Were You Mad?

You Can’t Stomp on Me

Guns and Bombs

How Much Are Those Wars?

We Are a Gaggle of Grannies, NYC Metro 2009

Endless Wars

War’s Not the Way

We Rage to End All War

The War Economy

Volkswagen Punching Ads

Give Them Shelter

Are You Sleeping?

Women for Peace

Down In The Valleys – Antiwar Song

We Weep for Gaza


HaTikvah/Gaza Song

Gaza Tzena Song

Gaggle of Grannies

Oh, George Dubya!

Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Strangest Dream Updated

Jail Those Generals

Don’t Forget Hiroshima

Not Another Hiroshima

Down on Hiroshima

Gaza Needs A Break

Everybody’s Land – Gaza Song

I’ve Always Paid My Taxes

Bail Out the People (Revised 2009)

Gaza Song 4 – All Of God’s Children Got Hearts

Happy Mother’s Day to You!

Gaza Song III – Gaza Strip

Gaza Song II – Has Anybody Seen My Peace?

Gaza Song 1 – The Ancient Place


Gandhi and Grannies

Military Spending (Peace Round)

Who’re They Going To Bomb Next?

Streets of Caledonia and Baghdad

Reluctant Talk About Torture

There’s No Business Like War/Nuke Business

Knittin’ in Pink

I Want Peace For Christmas

Canada Got It Backwards

Idiots With A Missile Plan

Oil, Oil, Glorious Oil

Truth Will Come

For Our Grandchildren’s Sake

Helping The Arms Trade Grow


GI Joe Is Coming To Town

The Raging Grannies’ Handy-Dandy All-Purpose Generic Protest Song

Seven Grannies Got Arrested

Substitute Lexicon For War Talk

I Wanna be Deployed to Afghanistan

Not The Way We Were Taught

More To War Than Just War

Peacetime Recipe

Who Owns The Sky?


Cindy’s Song

Child of War

Soldier Boy

Anti-Recruiter Song

God Help America

Gee, We Are Here To Enlist In The Army

Battle Hymn of the People

Resisters in Canada

Canada Was For Peace

Green Berets Meet Flowered Hats

2nd Sit In At Recruiting Station

War Resisters in Canada

Peace Songs

Work To End War

Just Say NO to War!

Change? What Change? (A Granny Rap)

That’s What It’s All About

Wasteful Military Spending

Enjoy Yourself

If You Don’t Have Soldiers

Hey, Dude!

Gulf Wars

Recruiters Lie

Anthem for Peace

Bombs on Fallujah!

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