Archive : War and Peace

The Year That’s Yet To Be

Down on Hiroshima (New)

Come to Me: Song for a Syrian Refugee

Pass the Iran Deal


Palestine Song

War Crimes


Demography vs. Democracy

Vets at Walter Reed

Pilot Program

16 Tons of Greed

We Rage to End All War, updated to include Syria

America The Not-So Beautiful


Anthem of the 1%

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Who Wrote the Songs

Food, Horrible Food

Enhanced Interrogation


Granny Peace Makers

We Rage to End All War (Mother’s Day Version)

How Much?

Were You Mad?

You Can’t Stomp on Me

Guns and Bombs

How Much Are Those Wars?

We Are a Gaggle of Grannies, NYC Metro 2009

Endless Wars

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