Archive : War and Peace

War’s Not the Way

We Rage to End All War

The War Economy

Volkswagen Punching Ads

Give Them Shelter

Are You Sleeping?

Women for Peace

Down In The Valleys – Antiwar Song

We Weep for Gaza


HaTikvah/Gaza Song

Gaza Tzena Song

Gaggle of Grannies

Oh, George Dubya!

Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Strangest Dream Updated

Jail Those Generals

Don’t Forget Hiroshima

Not Another Hiroshima

Down on Hiroshima

Gaza Needs A Break

Everybody’s Land – Gaza Song

I’ve Always Paid My Taxes

Bail Out the People (Revised 2009)

Gaza Song 4 – All Of God’s Children Got Hearts

Happy Mother’s Day to You!

Gaza Song III – Gaza Strip

Gaza Song II – Has Anybody Seen My Peace?

Gaza Song 1 – The Ancient Place


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