Stop Gun Violence

Orlando and Columbine, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook,
Aurora and Virginia Technic, too
Blood and tears just keep on flowing
NRA just keeps on growing!
Tell me, what exactly are we going to do?
Thoughts and prayers are not enough
it is time that we get tough!
Stop the killing and the fear and the chaos!
No more murder, no more mourning
for those cut down without warning!
Stop creating grief for all the loved ones lost
Assault weapons are exciting
and the gun shows are inviting
That’s the culture of the good ol’ USA.
Background checks are still a no-no
But the silencers are go-go!
Now it’s up to us to find a better way
Australia was suff’ring from gun violence just like us
But they stopped it with some strong regulations
We can ban assault weapons, just the way the Aussies did
Strive to make this a safe and healthy nation

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