Donald Trump is president
He’ll make America great again
He promised, he threatened to build a great wall
Don’t worry, don’t fret cause

Mexico will pay for it all
Mass deportations must take place
Replacing each brown with a white face

Make America white again!

No longer must we be P.C.
Our speech is now unchained and free
Rape culture and race jokes are so very cool
It’s time for straight white men

To remember they’re the ones who rule
Rude and crude is what we are
We celebrate it near and far
Victory in the culture war

Make America cruel again!

All hail strongman Donald Trump
As cozy as a cancer lump
All data of Muslims, he’ll keep on a list
He’ll know where to find them

And if they fled from civil wars
To them he will shut our doors
Return them to the blood and gore

Make America white again!

Now that Trump is president
We wonder where our troubles went
Climate change is a hoax from China he thinks
Those scientists are dummies

He bellows with a stinky wink
And Sarah Palin’s the energy wonk
Don’t count on her to drain the swamp
Drill Baby Drill’s her only song

Make the Earth unlivable!

As a Real He-Man, Donald Trump
Gets to grab just what he wants
If women don’t like it
They’d better shut up

They’re here for his pleasure
Not to lift their own lives up
No more abortion right to choose
Who cares if men, their wives abuse
Get ready, all your rights to lose

We want total patriarchy again!

But if to you the good old days
Feel more like a foul disgrace
Raise your voice in protest
And do not wait

If all join together
We won’t have to accept this fate
We must let the whole world know
That Donald Trump will have to go
Put an end to his hate crime show

Make America great…..for……..all!!!

I’m a corporation
And I believe in god
That doesn’t mean I have to do
Anything that’s hard

Like having safe workplaces
For my employees
Or making sure my waste products
Don’t kill all the trees

Though I’m a legal fiction
My immortal soul
Will surely go to hell if I
Cover birth control

Whether they are Hindu
A Jew or atheist
All my female workers
Must submit to this

Corporate Christians can both
Have and eat our cake
Control employees’ private lives
While they work without a break

Post-birth human beings
Have no right to life
But the new corporate life form
Will never ever die!

We’re the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand,
To keep choice free for women all across our mighty land.
We won’t go back to hangers if our right to choose is banned!
We’re Rising Up today!

Chorus:   No more rape and no more beatings.
Women rise! We're tired of pleading.
We’re rising up to tell you that our bodies are our own;
We’re Rising Up today!

We stand here in [name your city] and wonder at the sad disgrace
That women’s rights might simply disappear without a trace.
We dance and sing and shout out loud to save the human race!
We’re Rising Up today!
Repeat Chorus

What makes you think that you can take your liberties with us?
We're mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters, kickin' up a fuss.
Your violations end today, there's no more to discuss!
We’re Rising Up today!
Repeat Chorus

We dance today for justice, and it’s not just for the sport.
We own our bodies; we’ll protect the rights for which we fought...
The right to step out unafraid; the freedom to abort.
We’re Rising Up today!
Repeat Chorus