Jamie Dimon, how ya doin

Here’s some news from those you’re screwin

20 million bucks a year

Your salary just isn’t groovy

ba da da da da da da, isn’t groovy


Chase Bank, a house of fraud

Violating lots of law-aws

Taking homes from families

Jamie Dimon, that aint groovy

ba da da da da da da, that ain’t groovy


Your derivatives

Crashed our economy

We’re angry and pissed off and oh so ready

To see you in prison for all your misdeeds

Jamie Dimon

You’re not groovy.

ba da da da da da da, you’re not groovy

If you need a loan to get you through
Payday lending’s not the way to go.
Regions Bank will screw ya bad;
They’re greedy and they’ve got to go!


         Payday loans have got to go!
         They just prey on the poor.
         Regions Bank, get out of town,
         And don’t come back no more!

 They charge outrageous interest rates.
Their usury should be a crime.
We’re here to tell ya Regions Bank
Should be jailed and doin’ time.

Three hundred sixty-five percent:
That’s the interest you must pay.
They will rob you deaf and blind,
‘Cause that’s their thievin’ way.

Regions Bank, we say to you,
We will shut you down!
We don’t want the likes of you
Doin’ business in our town.