Let’s hear it for HB2,

Protecting me and you;

Now you won’t have to fear

That anyone queer

Will be peeing next to you.


Let’s hear it for HB2,

And the bigots who voted it through;

Now you all must prove

When your bowels move

That you know just who is who.


So check the sign on the door
And then do something more,
Prove your sex
To the old rednecks

Who voted for this law.
With five minutes to decide,

They set gay rights aside;

And bigotry

Has been set free,
But we still have our pride.


And there’s one thing we all know.

As we did to old Jim Crow:
Again and again
We’ll fight ’til we win!

HB2 has got to go!


They lie through their teeth with the greatest of ease,

Those bigots who’d bring us all down to our knees;

So we’ve got to stand strong and repeal Hate Bill 2,

It’s not just about bathrooms, we know.


They thought they’d distract us with a transgender law,

But we’ve read the fine print and we know it’s much more:

Taking rights from our workers, our cities and towns...

It’s not just about bathrooms, we know.



Minimum wages and fair labor laws

Are some of the things that we’re now fighting for;

And the right to appeal in our very own state

When we face injustice, racism and hate.


They think they’re immune from our fed-er-al laws,

And ignore them just like in the old Civil War.

But we’ll fight them in court and we’ll rage and we’ll roar,

‘Cause it’s not just about bathrooms, we know.



The homophobes pushing this bill quickly through

Thought we’d be fooled by the language they drew.

Government overreach surely must be

When they start making laws about where we can pee.


So it’s Monday in Raleigh, and we’re back today

To tell Pat McCrory that we’re here to stay,

And we’ll keep coming back if he drags us away...

‘Cause it’s not just about bathrooms, we know.