Unique and precious

Is each boy and girl

Every single one

All around the world


Some are normal

Whatever that means

But so many others

Have much greater needs


There was a place

Known as Willowbrook

A place of mis’ry

Where we didn’t have to look


Instead of school

It’s where THOSE kids went

But the ones from rich families

To private schools were sent


Education is a human right

Into darkness, it shines a light

Let’s meet all the needs of all of our kids

Brilliant, average, special ed




Disabled folks need some assistance,
humanity comes at a price
Now Arnie would cut that assistance,
Does he have a heart made of ice?

Don't cut, don't cut!
Don't cut the budget we need, we need!
Don't take, don't take!
Don't take home health care away!

We a-all are differently abled,
the safety net could be for you
So Arnie, please think before cutting,
some day you could need some help too!


We Aa-ll are in this together,
who knows what the future will bring?
We know that we must stand together,
so join with the Grannies and sing!


Note: Arnie refers to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was California governor when we sang this in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco in '09.