I’m a corporation
And I believe in god
That doesn’t mean I have to do
Anything that’s hard

Like having safe workplaces
For my employees
Or making sure my waste products
Don’t kill all the trees

Though I’m a legal fiction
My immortal soul
Will surely go to hell if I
Cover birth control

Whether they are Hindu
A Jew or atheist
All my female workers
Must submit to this

Corporate Christians can both
Have and eat our cake
Control employees’ private lives
While they work without a break

Post-birth human beings
Have no right to life
But the new corporate life form
Will never ever die!

Clean air, clean water, a liveable planet
Healthcare for all and a lot of mass transit
Enough food for everyone, that’s what we sing
These are a few of our favorite things

Union protection for ev-e-ry worker
Born here or somewhere else, why should it matter
Funding for artists and scientists too
Of our fav’rite things, these are a few

But hatred of gays, blacks and women
Makes us feel so bad
And as we keep losing our favorite things
It all makes us really MAD!

Occupy Wall Street stood up to the banksters
Who are not as nice as a mouth full of cankers
Wisconsin workers, they thrilled us to bits
But most of the time we’re scared out of our wits!

There’s unemployment, a broiling planet
And Tea Party jerks
And as we all rocket back to the 10th century
We’re screaming this really HURTS!