Jamie Dimon, how ya doin

Here’s some news from those you’re screwin

20 million bucks a year

Your salary just isn’t groovy

ba da da da da da da, isn’t groovy


Chase Bank, a house of fraud

Violating lots of law-aws

Taking homes from families

Jamie Dimon, that aint groovy

ba da da da da da da, that ain’t groovy


Your derivatives

Crashed our economy

We’re angry and pissed off and oh so ready

To see you in prison for all your misdeeds

Jamie Dimon

You’re not groovy.

ba da da da da da da, you’re not groovy

I’m a single mom of three
Their dad died “accidentally”
On the job in construc….tion
Now all three need counseling
Their school said try a private shrink
There’s been a budget reduc…tion
One’s cutting school, and another gets drunk
And the youngest just stays home and weeps
I have to work to pay the rent
So I’m home mostly when they’re sleep….ing  [anticipate]

There’s not enough food
Even with my three jobs
I try not to be rude [anticipate]
But it’s food stamps or we starve

Wendy’s, Walmart and Burger King
Are my employers
The wages that they’re paying
Make them my exploiters

Neighbors whisper that I’m
Not much of a mother
Some say it is time [anticipate]
To place my kids with another

All my life I tried and tried
To do what you’re supposed to
Now I’m stuck in this plight
This is what I’m reduced to

Being poor
Isn’t a crime
Turning your backs
That’s the REAL crime!

Clean air, clean water, a liveable planet
Healthcare for all and a lot of mass transit
Enough food for everyone, that’s what we sing
These are a few of our favorite things

Union protection for ev-e-ry worker
Born here or somewhere else, why should it matter
Funding for artists and scientists too
Of our fav’rite things, these are a few

But hatred of gays, blacks and women
Makes us feel so bad
And as we keep losing our favorite things
It all makes us really MAD!

Occupy Wall Street stood up to the banksters
Who are not as nice as a mouth full of cankers
Wisconsin workers, they thrilled us to bits
But most of the time we’re scared out of our wits!

There’s unemployment, a broiling planet
And Tea Party jerks
And as we all rocket back to the 10th century
We’re screaming this really HURTS!

Tesla built electric cars, in San Carlos
They're a start-up on the move in San Carlos

Now they're selling these cars on El Camino
Fancy autos for the stars, El Camino

Can't believe they'd build green cars, down in Downey
Where the toxic wastes were found, down in Downey

Why not build the cars nearby, right in Fremont
There's a lovely site nearby, right in Fremont

Electric cars will pave the way
People Rise UP!
Built in safe enviroments
Tesla Wi-ise UP!

January, 2010