WE’RE the Raging Grannies and we’re here to take a stand,
To KEEP choice free for women and to keep our families planned.
We WON’T go back to hangers if our right to choose is banned.
We RAGE for women’s lives.

CHORUS: NO more dying in back alleys.
WE’LL keep raging in these rallies
UnTIL we stop these crazy schemes against Planned Parenthood;
We RAGE for women’s lives.

We STAND here [on the street] and wonder at the sad disgrace
That the RIGHTS for which we fought might disappear without a trace.
So we STAND now with Planned Parenthood to save the human race.
We RAGE for women’s lives.

We’ve COME here to [this rally] and it’s not just for the sport,
To TELL the world that we must keep the rights for which we fought,
The RIGHT to plan our families and the freedom to abort.
We RAGE for women’s lives.

We WON’T lie down and take it if they make these budget cuts
While they SPEND our taxes for their wars; we think that’s really nuts!
It’s TIME to tell the world there can’t be any ifs or buts,
We NEED Planned Parenthood!

We’ll remember in November
When we vote, as well we should,
How you tried to regulate us
And to kill Planned Parenthood.

We fought hard for women’s ri-ights
And we won’t go back in time.
Keep abortion free and legal;
It’s our choice – it’s not a crime.

You men in office think you own us
But our bodies belong to us.
Keep your laws off my vagina;
You have no bus’ness in my uterus.

You would keep us in the kitchen,
Barefoot and pregnant, too.
But we’ll remember in November
And vote you out! Your time is through!

Oh, Planned Parenthood, what they do is good
For women’s health and women’s choice.
So this time we’re getting organized;
We rise together with one voice.

And we’ll remember in November
When we vote, as well we should.
We will vote you out of office
And we’ll save Planned Parenthood.