You’ve been serving time in prison

For lo, these many long years

Too bad you didn’t snort powdered coke

Like the Wall Street billionaires


You’re not jailed for rape or murder

Or other atrocities

You didn’t do the widespread fraud

That crashed our economy


You’re black and you smoked crack

Now you’re never coming back

You’re far away from home

We got tough on crime

You’re doing lots of time

Many miles from home


The prison-industrial complex

Keeps the upstate economy going

It gets its raw materials

From inner-city neighborhoods


This, is, the war on drugs

It’s eating young people of color alive

Bust those laws wide ohhh-pen

This has got to stop

Their hands are up

Do not shoot them

They can still breathe

Do not chokehold them

And on your beat whatever you do

Realize they’re as human as you



Jaywalking and selling loose ciggies

Are not capital crimes

Is murder okay cause they’re just black folks

Better change your minds


This belief

You must suspend

The nightmare of p’lice

Brutality must end

Accountability there must be

In the so-called land of the free

One bright sunny day
In Ferguson MO (say: “moe”)
Michael Brown was-shot-and-killed
For walking in the road
Hands up in the air
No weapon had he
He was yet another victim
Of police brutality

Eric Garner, Sean Bell
Amadou Dillo
Ramarley Graham
And Ousmane Zongo
It’s a long mournful list
Growing all the time
Moms and dads weep
And watch their kids die

Into the streets
Streamed his family and friends
To protest the death of
Another young black man
The cops were ready
With military gear
Like foreign invaders
Filling everyone with fear

People of color
Have the right
To walk outdoors
Any day or night
The mission of the cops
Is to serve and protect
Respect for all
Is what we all expect

We Will Remember
(Tune: “The Water is Wide”)
Lyrics by Vicki Ryder (2014)

We will remember Michael Brown,
Eighteen years old when they shot him down.
A human being just in his prime,
And “walking black” was his only “crime.”

Jonathan Ferrell, Emmett Till,
Kimani Gray, Traveres McGill,
Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell,
And Oscar Grant, we remember well....

We Grannies all cry out in pain
To see it happen once again.
We worked to end Jim Crow at last,
And we won’t go back to our racist past.

The cops with guns across our land
Have got to stop and understand
That all of us are Michael Brown...
And tho’ they try, they won’t keep us down.


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Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah we're the 1%
What a shame that you can't pay your rent
You're on the street now, who the hell cares
It aint no secret, we don’t like to share!

Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah you got no rights
We'll stop and frisk you, you better not fight
Empty your pockets, and show us the weed
Didn't you know, we've got prisons to feed!

Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah yum pepper spray
It’s just a condiment as Fox News would say
Better not protest, or you’ll find out why
We love to spray it right into your eyes!


One-percenters want to tell you

It’s the truth

It’s natural

Everything is satisfactual


Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah war is so great

We love living in a fascist state

Get in the army before it’s too late

We’ll fill the world with violence and hate!

Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah greedy are we
Mean and small-minded we like to be

Helping the needy is so yesterday
We don't give a crap so just go away!