16 Tons of Greed

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Sixteen Tons

Some say we need insurance companiesTo run our healthcare any way they please
So whaddaya think, are they doing the job
Or does it make you wanna sob

Make 600 calls, and whaddaya know
Your claim is denied and you’re on your own
To save your life, would depress their bottom line
Nothing personal, of course, they hope you’ll be fine

Well, we say the market’s OK for some things
Like deodorant, dishes, raincoats and rings
But the importance of good medical care
Means we really gotta make it fair

Making it fair for everyone
Means care for all, not only some
What the doc says you need, is what you should get
And not have to take on crippling debt

We’d rather pay for healthcare than guns and bombs
Why’s there always enough for the Pentagon
National health is the way to go
We’d get better care, for the same dough

If Canada, Europe, and Japan
Also Cuba and Thailand
Could figure this out, what’swrong with us?
Healthcare for alL

IT’S UP TO US [spoken]