And Now a Word from the 1% on Climate Change

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Free markets must be able to indulge their every whim
Environmental laws and regs will bring a future grim

Planet liveability is not our concern

Because for us, the key concept is me, me, me, me

Count on us for naught unless it profits me


That global warming is a mess we’ll no longer deny

But if you tell us fix it now our answer will be why?

Our children and our grandkids too, let’s leave it up to them

True believers in the market free are we, are we

Devotees of the market free


Geothermal, wind and solar are such deadly bores

Energy efficiency just makes us want to snore

But if you mention nuclear our ears will perk right up

It comes with a lovely subsidy, subsidy

We adore the fat taxpayer subsidy