Another Fukushima

Lyrics by: Connie Graves
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Yellow Rose of Texas

The words of this song fit only if the emphasis (as noted by capital letters) and hesitations (indicated by …) are followed….

(tune: Yellow Rose of Texas)

There’s SO much talk aBOUT the need for MORE cheap enerGY,
they SAY the ANswer’s NUclear power…we HAVE to disagree,
you can TALK about the PROS and cons of NUclear enerGY
but aNOTHer FUkushIma could play HELL with YOU and me!

PENNsylvania’s THREE Mile Island, they SAY was a NEAR miss,
auTHORities pooh-POOHED it…with a BANdaid and a kiss,
denIED the RAdiation that SWEPT across the state,
causing CANcer and disEAses leaving FOLKS to FACE dire fates!

Los ALamos was THREAtened by the HOT Las CONchas fires,
STARted, so they TELL us, by FALLen POWer wires…
If the BLAZE had moved much CLOser could have BEEN a REAL bad day
as the WHITE sands of New MExico were ALL blown FAR away!

The FLOOding in NeBRAska…showed US all ONCE again
how EAsily the NUKE plants there could SEND folks to their ends,
wiping OUT the MissOURi River not to MENtion OmaHA….
they SHOULD have seen it COMing…it’s BAsic MURphy’s Law!

Now LOOking at ALL the DANgers…in the USE of NUclear power,
our THOUGHTS of a NUclear MELTtdown are eNOUGH to make us COWer…
a new CherNObyl here is A real POSS-i-bil-iTY –
or aNOTHer FUkushIma could play HELL (slow) in…OUR…country!