Another Side (Recruiters)

Lyrics by: Ruth Imber and Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico
Tune: Goodnight Irene

(Another Side is a an anti-recruiter educational program. This song was written to support their efforts.)
Recruiters promise you good jobs
But those good jobs don’t exist
You may end up poor and homeless
If you believe them and enlist

They promise money for college
but they miss a fact or two
‘cause most recruits will get nothing
That’s what could happen to you

Good things they pro-o-mise
Bad things they hide
So don’t enlist, ‘til you insist
You hear Another Side

They offer you a big bonus
If you’ll enlist today
But what if you’re killed tomorrow?
Your family will have to pay.

They promise you the best health care
In case of injuries
They never mention the waiting
killing you by degrees


They never mention exposure
to toxic chemicals
or to depleted uranium
Warfare is clean and sterile (ster-RILL)

P T S D doesn’t happen
There’s no such thing as shell shock
There’s no emotional trauma
So suck it up— you’re out of luck!