ATLAH song

Lyrics by: Nora Freeman
Gaggle: NYC Metro
Tune: Puff, the Magic Dragon

Song for ATLAH
tune: Puff the Magic Dragon

by Nora Freeman

NYC-metro gaggle



We’re demonic homos

We’re out to sodomize

Your dear sweet lovely little ones

And tell them dirty lies


They’ll learn the gay agenda

And not the ABCs

We’ll turn them into terrorists

The Koran they will read


Disciples of Obama

That’s what they will be

They’ll blow up churches everywhere

And then get gay-married


But maybe there’s a problem

With our satanic scheme

Gays and fundies of all kinds

Are on opposing teams


Hate to bust your bubble

But delusional you are

Your fanatic ravings

Have gone way too far


Tell puppetmaster Dobson

That the jig is up

Time to stop dividing us

And practice Christian love