Being Pro-Dandelion

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Bad Moon Rising

Oh who was it killed the dandelion?Who told us, ‘no more yellow lawns?’
Ignoring all the health it gives us?
Who made the dandelion gone?
Oh age-old remedies
In every flower I see
Throw me a dandelion now.
2) IT’s a hurtin’ world we live in
Fog and smog and dirty air
People poison lawns and flowers
But it’s advertised as care
Oh sing the dandy song
They help us all be strong
We need dandelions now.
3) I see a bad time a-risin.’
I breathe trouble in the air (coff coff)
Thank goodness for the dandelion
what would be doe if it’s not there?
Oh spread the dandy word
Till everyone has heard
We’re pro-dandelion now.