Border Ban (2019 Update)

Lyrics by: Lyrics by: Edith Johnson updates by Geri Coptich, Roxanne Klein & Peggy Rosenthal
Gaggle: Fresno / Redding / Rochester / Rochester
Tune: My Bonnie Lies over the ocean
Date Written or Updated: 7/15/2019

They trudged many miles just to get here
To the freedom of the U-S-A.
The gates that they reached finally opened
Their parents were then ripped away.


Bring back, bring back
Oh bring back their parents to them, to them
Bring back, bring back
Please bring back their parents to them.

Guards put them in cages and fed them
Poor food, dirty water, no more.
With no arms to comfort their sobbing
Then forced them to sleep on the floor.


The babies cannot stop their crying
For Mama, for hugs, and for love.
There’s no one to comfort and hold them
Just prayers to the one up above.


I wish they could run in the sunshine
And feel the warm wind on their face
But thousands are crammed all together
We must get them out of that place!

Alternate final verse:

Their bodies and minds are now damaged
Our treatment of them’s a disgrace
With thousands of kids smashed together
We must get them out of that place!