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The Family Jewels

Insufficiently Poor

Hot Flash – Choose Lu’s

Stamp Out Hate Labels

Single Payer Teachers

Standin’ in the Need of Single Payer

True Stories – A Talking Song About Safe Sex

All Kinds of Sex Safely

Commonsense Sex

Light Condom Song – Icky Stuff Around

How PTSD Works – You Can Handle It!

Real PTSD (from one who knows)

Put the Foodbank Out of Business

If We Fed Them

The Cloning Song

Food For Thought

Twelve Steps Song


I Am Waiting

The Raging Grannies’ Handy-Dandy All-Purpose Generic Protest Song

Attacked By Forces Of Gravity

Mammogram Song

Geriatric Sex

Addam’s Family Condoms

What Don’t You Get When You Use A Condom?

Insist On A Condom

The Condom Song

Monsters In Our Bodies

Petition For Our Needs

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