Archive : Human & Civil Rights

Palestine Song

Ballad of Tookie Williams

Hungry Children

Special Ed Song

Education Song

Michael Brown Song

We Will Remember: A Song for Michael Brown

Imminent Threat

Corporate Religion


Song for the Egyptian Revolution

Imagine Some More

War Crimes


Demography vs. Democracy

Vets at Walter Reed

Pilot Program

Ethnic Cleansing American Style

Solitary Confinement

Song for Trayvon Martin

Realize the Dream (March on Washington)

Song for the Homeless

Chalked the Sidewalk

No! No! No! You Don’t

We’re Rising Up (REVISED)

We’re Rising Up! (One Billion Rising!)

Capitalist Cronies

Old And Eccentric

Getting to Know Them

I Would Do it Again (Song for Lynne Stewart)

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