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Gaza Song III – Gaza Strip

Gaza Song II – Has Anybody Seen My Peace?

Gaza Song 1 – The Ancient Place


Gandhi and Grannies

Military Spending (Peace Round)

Who’re They Going To Bomb Next?

Streets of Caledonia and Baghdad

Reluctant Talk About Torture

There’s No Business Like War/Nuke Business

Knittin’ in Pink

I Want Peace For Christmas

Canada Got It Backwards

Idiots With A Missile Plan

Oil, Oil, Glorious Oil

Truth Will Come

Helping The Arms Trade Grow


GI Joe Is Coming To Town

The Raging Grannies’ Handy-Dandy All-Purpose Generic Protest Song

Seven Grannies Got Arrested

Substitute Lexicon For War Talk

I Wanna be Deployed to Afghanistan

Not The Way We Were Taught

More To War Than Just War

Peacetime Recipe

Who Owns The Sky?


Cindy’s Song

Child of War

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