Archive : Women’s Issues

Worried Grannies Blues

Long Black Robe

How U.S. Women Got the Vote

Calgary Raging Grannies are Recruiting!

Safety for Women

Make America White Again


We Need Planned Parenthood

We’ll Remember in November

Corporate Religion


No! No! No! You Don’t

We’re Rising Up (REVISED)

We’re Rising Up! (One Billion Rising!)

Getting to Know Them

Lady Parts

Legitimate Rape

Plan A Baby With Me! A Planned Parenthood Song

We Rage to End All War (Mother’s Day Version)

The Uterus Song

You Can’t Stomp on Me

Raging Grannies Go Rolling Along

Women Are Changeable

Women for Peace

The Body Song

Granny Rap

Aging Raging Grannies

Half the Sky

We’re the Women

Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be

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