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Shoes, Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Jail Those Generals

Don’t Forget Hiroshima

Not Another Hiroshima

Down on Hiroshima

Cuba, Cuba

Doo Dah Cuba!

Lift the Blockade

True Stories – A Talking Song About Safe Sex

All Kinds of Sex Safely

Days In The Sun Recycling

Everybody’s Land – Gaza Song

Still Believe In Life

Gaza Song 4 – All Of God’s Children Got Hearts

Gaza Song III – Gaza Strip

Gaza Song II – Has Anybody Seen My Peace?

Gaza Song 1 – The Ancient Place


If We Fed Them

Canada’s Got No Labels On Our Food

Granny Intro Song

Gandhi and Grannies

Who’re They Going To Bomb Next?

Streets of Caledonia and Baghdad

The Human Race In One

Sell ‘Em ALL (Privatizing)

Dirty Air Will Do Us In

Zero Population Song

Proportional Representation

Reluctant Talk About Torture

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