Centuries of Recycling

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Count Your Blessings

When you are recyclingYou’ll see that some
Things go neither
Here or there
Don’t feel dumb
Recycling is an education
In what stuff
Can stay out of landfills
Where they’ve got enough!
Sometimes I could use recycling too
Joints, like knees and hips, no longer new
And so our planet’s turning
Better day by day
As we haul our boxes out
And sort away
2) Ozone holes remind me of
a holey sock
Thread can’t mend the universe
Nor neither talk
Action’s what we need in place
From everyone
Al Gore approachs sainthood
and we’ve just begun
3) This millenium’s only ten years old
That’s not a lot
Over twenty centuries
That some have sought
To live in peace with others
Knowing wars pollute
I’m on board with that my friend
Rooty toot toot!