Child of War

Lyrics by: Connie Graves
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Greensleeves

What child is this we lay to rest,his body broken and bleeding,
who lost his life to war and strife,
while the world went on unheeding?

What child is this who cannot rest,
hungry, thirsty, no one aiding,
with parents lost, she pays the cost
And for her the light is fading.

This, this is a child of war
We’ve lost so many, please – no more!
Haste, haste, to end these wars
And to save all humanity’s children.

What kind of folk can ignore their plight
And not feel for the little ones crying?
Living with pain, calling out in vain.
Can we keep ignoring the dying?

Man’s greed has caused the fights
Though they say their cause is just and right…
Fools, fools, will they ever care
That they’re killing humanity’s children?