CIA Hideaway

Lyrics by: Connie Graves
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Hernando’s Hideaway

CIA HIDEAWAY(Tune: “Hernando’s Hideaway ”)

There is a dark secluded place
A place you vanish with no trace
identity they will erase
It’s run….by the American CIA! (CIA?)

They bug your phone and TV set
they monitor you on the internet
and though you’ve nothing to regret
you’re surveilled by the CIA…. (Oy vey!)


(kazoos): Da da, da da, da da, da da da da da da)
To mid-east dictatorships that you don’t even know
(kazoos): Da da, da da, da da, da da da da da da)
Seven-thirty-sevens take you where you’ll undergo
(kazoos): La la, La la, la la, la la la la la la)
imprisonment, privation, torture and much woe
you won’t be free…
to disagree
or cop a ple-ea…. (slow)

Our government says “Way to go!”
We’ll find out everything you know
You’ll be black and blue from head to toe
And no one will blame the CIA! (No way!)

So always check your TV set
don’t give them reason to suspect
email in code or you’ll regret ….
You’re fin-gered by the CIA! (Ole!)