Climate Change Is Beyond Serious

Lyrics by: Hank Tusinski 4/25/17, revised by Lee & Marti
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Tune of “Green Acres” theme song
Date Written or Updated: 09/16/19

Climate change is beyond ser-ious.

That is why we’re raisin’ such a fuss.

If we want our planet to sur-vive

vote the Green New Deal to stay a-live!


Soo-me say that sci-ence is not true.

You can argue with them till you’re blue.

Rather than just getting sad & bleak, 

raise your voice and join us in the street!

        Carbon is ris-ing… Sky high!

        Spe-cies are dy-ing… NO LIE!

        End fossil fu-els… WE MUST!

        Ex-tinction’s com-ing… for US!

         Gla-ciers are melt-ing… Seas rise!   

        For-ests burn up as… Earth fries!

        Oil’s not the an-swer… Wise UP!

        If we don’t stop, we’re… Outa luck!

Trump and Pence must go, and their cronies

and all corp‘rate neolib phonies.

We can’t com-promise a-noth-er inch!

To save the Earth we must get off the bench!

Now we’ve only got a dozen years

to take action, before our worst fears

come to pass…….. (very slow)-> Thanks to all those who lie…..

if we don’t act now we can kiss our butts good bye!!