Commonsense Sex

Lyrics by: Rose DeShaw
Gaggle: Kingston
Tune: Bye Bye Love

1) O you think about romance
O you think about love
Then your brain goes ga-ga
And your mind turns mauve
So before it gets heavy
Think about what’s next
Think about a little condom
If you’re thinking sex
Bye bye fear
Bye bye circumstance
Hello, I’m in charge
Not takin’ a stupid chance
I’m usin’ my commonsense
2) O he doesn’t want a condom
To express his love
And he knows nothing will happen
‘Cause you’re so in love
Just show him where the door is
‘Cause it just ain’t right
When it’s you’ll have the baby
Him that’s out all night
3) In the old days, babies
Burdened young lives down
Before they were ready
To settle down
But now, see, with condoms
No need to fear
Safe sex is the best sex
They’ve invented, dear
3) So you say you wanna travel
Go and see the world
O you wanna do great things
All the tales you’ve heard
If you’ve gotta little condom
Other sex tips how
You can build yourself a great life
and it starts right now!