Doo-Dah Methane

Lyrics by: Natalie Reich
Gaggle: Portland
Tune: Camptown Races
Date Written or Updated: 01/01/2015

A) Gas can be as bad as oil
doo-dah doo-dah
Frack it and the earth does roil
oh doo-dah day

B) A bridge fuel it is not
It costs the earth a lot
to pipe and ship this gas around
The earth’s in a very bad spot

A) Tesoro wants to pipe out gas
doo-doo doo-doo
To a place where creatures thrive
oh doo-doo day

B) Nasty chemicals
refinery pollution
mile-long trains every other day
Methane and CO2

B) No escaped methane
if we use our brains
No need to drill or pipe in gas
Clean energy’s more sane.