For our Grandchildren’s Sake

Our nation has people in des-per-ate straits.

It’s high time we care for the U-nited States

for we are the people we must liberate.

End corp’rate rule for our grandchildren’s sake!

End corp’rate rule for our grandchildren’s sake!


Our bridges and highways are falling a-part.

Most leaders in Washington don’t have a heart.

They spend all our mon-ey on kill-ing and hate

Let’s re-build at home for our grandchildren’s sake!

Let’s re-build at home for our grandchildren’s sake!


We’re over-ex-tend-ed. We’re stretched to the max,

ex-pect-ing our grand-kids to pay it all back.

To bank-rupt our na-tion’s a tra-gic mis-take.

Let’s bring home our troops for our grandchildren’s sake!

Let’s end violence for everyone’s sake!  ME


Our wars are a-tro-ci-ties, driv-en by lies.

At home we let job loss and pov-er-ty rise.

WHAT kind of world do you want to cre-ate?

Let’s stop wag-ing wars!


(shout)            STOP!

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