Freedom Of Choice

Lyrics by: Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico
Tune: 99 Bottles Of Beer
Date Written or Updated: 09/29/2021

Tune: 99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall

They want to take away freedom of choice,
nullify Roe v. Wade,
intimidate women and stifle our voice,
terrorize doctors and make them afraid

We will not live in the Handmaid’s Tale
We will not be abused
Never again at the mercy of males
We will be free to live and to choose!

Some of our grandmas were suffragettes
this we must never forget
Gotta keep fighting – no, we cannot rest
Daily we’re hit with brand new threats

All of this talk about “right to life,”
the life of the child unborn
But after the birth, then where are their rights?
If they are poor they get nothing but scorn

We should support the mother and child
help the child thrive and grow
But helping is something the fascists revile
That would cost money, so No, no, no!

What do they care about programs at home?
they’d rather be waging a war
Billions for bombs and guns and drones
So they can terrorize nations afar

This is testosterone poisoning
that women alone can repair
We will change course, and we will bring
sanity, wisdom and healing care

Therefore, nefarious laws must go!
Texas, you must defer
Women will lead, and we will show
how to create a better world