Gay Pride Saints

Lyrics by: Unknown
Gaggle: Unknown
Tune: When the saints go marching in

This could be done as a call and response with the first line sung by the granny on the mic and the rest joining in for the remainder of the verse. The second verse is optional depending on the laws in your state/province.

Today we celebrate Gay Pride.
Today we celebrate Gay Pride
How we love to be in [Your Town Here]
When thousands celebrate Gay Pride.

In [Your State Here] State, trans have full rights.
In [Your State Here] State trans have full rights.
How we love to live in this st-ate
Where trans folks finally have full rights.

Around this country, Gays can wed.
Around this country Gays can wed.
How we love to live in this country
Where we all can finally wed.

Today we all, can march and sing.
Today we all can march and sing
How we love it here in [Your Town Here]
When we let our voices ring!