Here Comes Rudy

Lyrics by: Granny Carol
Gaggle: Davis, California
Tune: Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
Date Written or Updated: 12/14/2019

Here comes Rudy
Here comes Rudy
Right down perp walk lane.
Ly-ing, cheat-ing, dirty dealing
All ‘cuz of Ukraine.

Chorus 1
Man-a-fort and Flynn and Co-hen all are in the clink.
Next up will be Rudy ‘cuz he no lon-ger can think.

Here comes Rudy
Here comes Rudy
Spinning for the Prez.
America’s may-or, 9-11’s Savior
Finally at the brink.

Chorus 2
Was it greed or power or an overwhelming urge
To pro-tect his buddy Trump from purgering his words.

Here comes Rudy
Here comes Rudy
Going to take the fall.
For the Nar-cis-ist in Chief
Worst president of all.

Chorus 3
His-tor-y will not be kind to this whole motley crew.
That’s why next November we all KNOW WHAT WE MUST DO!