Hey, Dudes (anti-nukes)

Lyrics by: Marcy Matasick
Gaggle: New Mexico Raging Grannies
Tune: Hey Jude
Date Written or Updated: 10/01/2020

Hey, dudes, don’t make more nukes
We don’t need them,
and we don’t want no more
Remember, you signed a treaty called START
So do your part, and lessen the number
Hey, dudes, our folks need food!
We need health care! We’re in recession!
You’re spending a vast amount of our cash
only to blast us to annihilation
And what about the unemployed,
the jobs destroyed
from bungling the crises now upon us?
And what about this dread disease?
We’re on our knees
We’re suffering, dying – where’s the onus?
Hey, dudes, our fortitude
is in people, not nuclear power
Remember, all life on earth is at stake
Why don’t you wake to this urgent hour?