How Much?

Lyrics by: Wolfville Grans
Gaggle: Wolfville
Tune: The Doggie in the Window

How much for those fighter jets from Lockheed?Our MP’s can’t seem to find out.
And why not a bidding competition?
Why does Lockheed Martin have clout??!
How much are those tax breaks gonna cost us
For Big Businesses and the rich?
While most folks just have to keep on struggling –
It’s time we made some kind of switch!

Why don’t we do something for the homeless?
Why don’t we do more for the poor?
Why yap endlessly about ECONOMY,
While those in true need we ignore?

And why spend more than a billion dollars,
Guarding G-20 leaders so ‘frail’?
When cops just stand back while cars are burning…
And NEXT day throw innocents in jail!

How much do we value our democracy?
It’s heavily under attack
Our rights have been trampled and deleted
Let’s vote now to get them all back!