I’m a Warhead

Lyrics by: Georgia
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: Love meTender


Look at me now, I’m a warhead

in a submarine.

The Navy takes good care of me,

my nukey killing ma-chine.

      Love me very tenderly,

      cuz I’m your dreams fulfilled.

      Ura-ni-um, Tri-tium, Deu-teer-ium too,

      will shine so radiantly.

 I move silent in the deep

While the world’s asleep

Millions say I’m their se-cu-rity

and jobs are guaranteed.

      Love me very tenderly

      cuz I’m your dreams fulfilled.

      The best explosive weaponry

      of the century.

Lithi-um makes tri-tium,

fusion makes neutrons

Uranium sparkplugs are all mine

and Plu-toe-nium two-three-nine…. 

       So love me very tenderly

       cuz I’m your dreams fulfilled.

       My in-tel-li-gen-ci-a

       will give you diarrhea.

 Stra-tee-gic systems are the thing    

to pro-tect our nation’s ways

to say to the world that we are king

so it’s whoopie, jubilee.

          Whoopie, whoopie, jubilee,

         Your dreams will all be mine.

         Tell me you’re still thrilled by me

          at the end of time