Kavanausea’s Everywhere

Lyrics by: Lee
Gaggle: Tucson
Tune: California Here I Come
Date Written or Updated: 01/13/19

Kav-a-nau-sea’s ev‘-ry-where!   

It’s our coun-tries worst night-mare!

                                    But hold on…(pause)           

                                    We’re not done… (pause)

                                    There is some hope!

                                    Impeachments… (pause)

                                    are com-ing… (pause)

                                    they’ll pro-vide the an-ti-dote! 

Demand  that Congress save our law

 by im-peaching Kav-a-naugh!

                                    The Con-gress…(pause)

                                    can kick him…(pause)

                                    out on his butt!

                                    But we must…(pause)

                                    scream loudly…(pause)

                                    Congress still has lots of dumb nuts!

 De-moc-ra-cy itself’s at risk.

 as long as corp‘rate rule ex-ists.     

                                     This is the fight for our law!

                                      We must impeach Kav-e-naugh!