Let Me Sell Guns

Lyrics by: Sara Williams
Gaggle: Madison
Tune: Don’t Fence Me In

CHORUS:Let me sell guns, lots of guns, to anyone who’ll buy,
Let me sell guns
Let me sell to the gangs, to the sick and really mad,
Let me sell guns!

Let me sell ’em by myself, without any rules
I don’t want no laws cuz they’re made by fools
They’re money in the bank so I hope you’re cool,
Let me sell guns.

Bridge: Just turn me loose, sellin’ weapons at a gun show
Where the drug cartel will go
Let’s load ’em up, never checking any background
Never asking what I know.

I want to sell till I’m rich as a CEO
Don’t want to know where the guns will go
Don’t listen to the news; I don’t want to know
Let me sell guns!

Let me sell guns, lots of guns, to anyone who’ll buy…
I wanna sell all my guns before it’s too late
Don’t give a damn who they hate
I’m not responsible for their crime
I’ve got my dime.