Mask Up America

Lyrics by: Raging Grannies Action League
Gaggle: Raging Grannies Action League
Tune: Solidarity Forever/Battle Hymn of the Republic
Date Written or Updated: 05/01/2022

Note: We wrote and recorded this at the request of a public health activist organization called Mask Together America.

In the notes on the youtube video shown here we explain that while in our lyrics we call on Americans to mask up, we believe that it is through worldwide collective solidarity that we will beat covid.


Mask Together now America

Mask Together now America

Mask Together now America

For Together We are Strong


In our hands is placed the power

to protect both young and old

Even people in between them can get sick as we all know

We are MIGHTY when we mask up

so let’s let the whole world know

That together we are strong!


Repeat refrain