Move Your Money DAPL

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: RochesterSoFloNorth Carolina
Tune: Roll Out the Barrel

Move all your moneyOut of *[Wells Fargo] today!
Vote with your money
’Cause that’s the American way.
We’ll show the bankers
Who fund the black snake and its slime
That we don’t want them using our money
For the Dakota oil pipeline.

Move all your money
Out of *[Wells Fargo] today!
They’d poison our water,
But “water is life” we all say.
We’ve come to tell them,
That all life is sacred, for sure,
And they will learn they can’t drink their money
When the water is no more.

We’ve come to *[Raleigh],
Peaceful and prayerful we stand,
To say to *[Wells Fargo]:
Standing Rock’s our native land.
So we’ll move all our money,
And *[Wells Fargo] can go take a hike!
They will learn their lesson when the oil spills,

*[Substitute name of bank or city as appropriate]

**M-nee wich-o’nee