O Come All You Fearful

O come all ye fearful
Fretful about Christmas
O come ye
O come ye
To reason once again
Come and behold them
All the TV specials
That say it isn’t presents
Or everything just perfect
But who you are and what you do
That mak-kes the day
2)O Sing a little bet-ter
Christmas isn’t madness
All stressed out and chewing out
Your loved ones around
Your TV has nailed it
Calm down and embrace it
They want you sane and happy
And take a little nappy
This really is what’s wanted
On Chri-ismas day.
3) ‘My miserable Christmas’
Website tells the horrors
But all these are just about
How adults behave
Depressing reading
But they teach a lesson
We can improve so easily
Patient and kind so breezily
It’s attitude not plentitude
That makes Christmas day!
4) Whatever we’ve got then
Absolutely will content us
A messy house
A partner louse
They’re ours and we’ll cope
We’ll look for the fun parts
Stretchify our grinch hearts
Relax don’t sweat the small stuff
What we’ve got will be en-ough
The atmosphere at ours will be
Comfy and kind!

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