Oh, Give Us a Beach

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder
Gaggle: SoFlo
Tune: Home on the Range

[I wrote this song for another occasion, a couple of months ago, when we were raging against off-shore drilling. The original second verse said Oh, what will we do if predictions come true, and their oil leaks onto our shore? But then it happened (!), so I had to revise that second verse and add a third.]
Oh, give us a beach
Where oil spills can’t reach,
And there’s no sticky goo on the sand,
Where children can play,
And the birds and fish stay
Free from harm… that’s our simple demand.

         Save our seas and our sand!
         We’re here and we’re taking a stand.
         We say NO to those rigs
         And those comp’nies so big!
         Mother Earth still comes first in our land.

We Grannies are blue.
Our predictions came true,
And their oil leaked onto our shore.
It’s gooey and black
And we can’t put it back.
So we don’t want them drillin’ no more!

Drill, baby, drill”
Was a license to kill
For Halliburton, TransOcean, BP.
So boycott BP
And then maybe they’ll see
What we think of their crude oil spill.