One Human Family

Lyrics by: Vicki Ryder and Rosalia Haduch
Gaggle: Vicki: Triangle (North Carolina) Rosalia: Detroit-Windsor
Tune: John Brown’s Body
Date Written or Updated: 05/21/2022

We’re the  Raging Grannies calling out from far and wide,
Rising up together like a mighty ocean tide,
To stop the wars and killing so we all can live and thrive,
One human fam’ly strong.

          No more wars upon this planet!
          War’s a crime and it’s a racket!
          We must learn to live together as we reap what we have sown;
          One human family strong.

We don’t want our children to be taught to fight and harm,
And we will work incessantly for nations to disarm.
War has never been the answer, so we’re sounding the alarm:
No more war, no way!

The hearts of women know that war’s a game that no one wins.
We won’t be taken in by all the lies and all the spin.
Now’s the time to come together on this grand Memorial Day
And demand a better way!