Picking On The Poor

Lyrics by: Peterborough Grans
Gaggle: Peterborough
Tune: Bringing in the Sheaves

(Song contains sarcasm – good song for using false noses)Also might be useful for foreclosures.

Picking on the poor, picking on the poor
If they cannot pay their rent, kick ’em out the door!
Let them feel the crunch, let them feel the crunch
Cut down welfare payments, they don’t need the lunch
2) Shut down shelters too, shut down shelters too
Why do they need counseling? Who cares what they do?
Let them feel the pinch. Let them feel the pinch. (These 2 lines could contain your local gripe & names)
[Harris] won’t hear protests. He won’t give an inch.
3) Picking on the poor. Picking on the poor
Got to cut the deficit by picking on the poor
Now they’ve done their stint. Now they’ve done their tour
They will be REMEMBERED for Picking On The Poor!